001 Trolling

001 Trolling

Two internet anarchists wreak havoc on the world, and each other.

This very creative, low-budget film tells the story of two internet anarchists who wreak havoc on the world, and each other. The planet is trolled, relationships explode and the secret which unites them... could destroy them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew M (it) wrote: Within a few seconds of Gentlemen Broncos' opening credits, you can tell Jared Hess is hoping to go back to his roots after Nacho Libre couldn't muster up the same breakout success. And as the film progresses, you continue to feel similarities to Napoleon Dynamite. You've got a loner protagonist, in this case an aspiring sci-fi writer, who lives with a wacky parental figure, getting into quirky shenanigans with two fellow oddballs, as well as a legendary sci-fi writer who serves as his idol. All the pieces are there, waiting to be put together.So why can't Hess recapture the same quirky charm of Napoleon Dynamite? Perhaps its the lack of likeability and fun that made Hess' debut film so memorable: outside of our protagonist Benjamin Purvis, nobody here is remotely likeable, whereas most everyone in Napoleon Dynamite was oddly loveable. Of course, this is a story that's largely centered around unlikeable characters, but it creates so many moments that are largely unfunny. Hess decides to focus on reactionary gags, and downright childish butt/fart humor, over the deadbeat humor of Napoleon Dynamite, and it simply isn't nearly as effective. Not helping matters are scenes that turn Purvis' writing into live action affairs, which are painfully corny, without any sense of intentional humor that Hess may be trying to convey here.Sam Rockwell plays the lead in these segments, and he's as delightfully charming, and absolutely bonkers, as he always is: unfortunately, that's more a testament to Rockwell than to the film. With that said, none of the performances here are outright bad: in fact, most everyone does quite well for a cast of actors stuck with such dismal characters. Michael Angarano is quite charming as Benjamin, enough so to where you really want him to succeed. Jermaine Clement (and his heavenly voice) makes for an amusing "antagonist", and Mike White is the closest thing to a deadpan Jared Hess character here, which is nice. Halley Feiffer and Hctor Jimnez (who reteams with Hess after Nacho Libre) aren't bad, but their shtick rarely works.It's nice of Hess to attempt to rekindle the fire that essentially created his career, but unfortunately, that's all it is: an attempt. And sadly, it's not a great one. Hess has mostly failed to prove why his sense of humor works twice now: hopefully he can find his footing, because he's in a bit of a low spot right now.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: I wasn't expecting this level of ambition. Not only do we see Zachary's story of self-discovery unfold from his birth to his mid 20s, we also see the evolution of his family and the surrounding culture from the 50s through the 70s. Unexpectedly, the movie so accurately captures the horror and humiliation a child often goes through while suffering from nocturnal enuresis, or "bedwetting," when we see Zach get outed by kids at summer camp. By avoiding sleepovers, I managed to successfully keep my bedwetting known only to my immediate family, but that is where I was also shamed by my step-mother and step-brothers who lectured and teased me about being either too lazy or too chicken to go upstairs to the bathroom. My father, more nurturing in his approach but still lacking understanding, also believed it was voluntary. When I was five, a couple of years before my step-family came into the picture, he started paying me $5 for every night that I didn't wet the bed, inadvertently seeding my humiliation and confusion over whether I could fix myself if I really wanted to and why it it was that I subconsciously chose not to. Unlike 0.5-1% of adults out there and all people in the LGBT community, my developmental abnormality abruptly came to an end at age 13, confirming that assigning neurosis to my condition was absurd. Fortunately, kids are now blessed with the internet to educate themselves and even their families. The message both me and Zachary learned is the same: do not trust people with your differences, exposing yourself will only result in further isolation and loneliness. This lesson is more acutely relevant for Zach, because he was also born with a more polarizing and permanent sexual difference that his father and society also believes are chosen behaviors, and he doesn't want to be outed again. My biggest criticism with the film is that it seems confused and possibly ignorant about the main character's identity. When Zach is a young boy, he shows strong signs of "gender identity disorder," where he only wants a baby stroller for Christmas and he dresses up in his mother's clothes, puts on makeup, and acts like a mother to his infant brother. In the next timeline transition, immediately after his summer camp bedwetting trauma, this desire and behavior disappears entirely and never returns in the film, including when we see him alone. Instead, he becomes hardened and aggressive with a strong counterculture fashion sense and discovering an attraction to men. It's as if another writer took over and switched out Zach's brain, or at least the transgendered part.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: After the critical success of 24 Hour Party People (2002), director Michael Winterbottom and writer Frank Cottrell Boyce reunited for this low-budget sci-fi film, which was partially inspired by Brief Encounter (1945). It's a thought provoking film about genetics which combines a futuristic setting shot in various locations around the world and it has an other worldly language spoken throughout too. Set in a futuristic setting where society has to reproduce by forced choice and are designated to specified zones and cities, it has insurance fraud investigator William Geld (Tim Robbins) travelling from Seattle to Shanghai to look into the allegations of people moving between cities. His investigations lead him to Maria Gonzalez (Samantha Morton), who has been forging paperwork for people to move around, William got the truth out of Maria using an "empathy virus". But William becomes captivated by Maria, and instead has someone else prosecuted, while he embarks on an affair with Maria, while he has a family back in America. It's a well made film, even though it was done on a shoestring, and Winterbottom made the most of locations in Shanghai, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and London. It's not a film for everyone, and the language which mixes foreign languages with English has a unique touch. But it's a cold film with little emotions going on.

Brian K (mx) wrote: With its grungy, futuristic aesthetic, Elizabethan England's most dangerous play feels right at home in Alex Cox's capable hands.

Lenuka S (fr) wrote: A little slow at times, American Beauty boasts an impressive storyline about a dysfunctional family that is highlighted with Kevin Spacey's comedic and dramatic performance plus an ending that will bring you to tears.

Larissa N (fr) wrote: kinda stupid but decent.


Mike P (nl) wrote: True creature feature of the early 80s that probably won't appeal to many nowadays, but this one was a fun watch start to finish with a young Robert Forster to boot. How was that man not a huge Oscar contender his whole career or get roles that would have merited that. Thank god for Quentin Tarantino

Simon A (au) wrote: an excellent french movie. Actors, photo and dialogues are at the top. Also humour of the dialogues and of the ending situation is excellent.

jacqueline l (es) wrote: i also want to see this movie~~~ i am exited to see this movie

Robbie M (mx) wrote: Dwayne Johnson does try at least..

Angela S (fr) wrote: I have high hopes for this movie it has a all start cast i think its going to be a winner.

Aakash G (ca) wrote: just too much of the mess and less of any sense basically :/

Curtis R (ru) wrote: Roy Scheider was the man back in the 70's and starred or appeared in some real blockbusters. Here he gets a starring vehicle as Buddy, leader of an elite squad of undercover New York cops called the "7UP's" referring to the fact that they use any means necessary to put criminals away for no less than seven years. When a childhood friend and informant for Buddy turns traitor and it leads to one of the squadmember's deaths, its up to Buddy to bring down the bad guys his own way. One of the greatest car chases caught on screen from the mastermind behind "Bullit' and "French Connection".