007 1/2 no Carnaval

007 1/2 no Carnaval

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007 1/2 no Carnaval torrent reviews

Catherine R (de) wrote: The rock as a human ET. LoL

Garrett C (ag) wrote: A thrilling update on "Eraserhead" (plus shades of Gilliam, Kubrick, and Bunuel) with more mathematics. If that sounds up your alley, you'll love it.

Ryan C (jp) wrote: A highly underrated film. It's the third Lethal Weapon movie and the first one made in the 90's. The action is great again still funny but not as dark or serious as the first two. But it's still great. I love the opening scene and the plot is pretty good. This one also introduced us to Rigg's new love interest and she's great in the role. The chemistry is still great between the two leads but unlike the first two it feels more like a total cop movie than just an action movie with two cops. The action and acting were good and it's an overall great entry.

D M (de) wrote: Clint Howard (Ice Cream Man, Arrested Development) has hair and is an orphaned cadet at a military academy who is routinely bullied. After discovering a Satanic tome, he uses it, along with his computer knowledge, to hold a Black Mass in order to get revenge on the more likeable students. The graphics are run-of-the-mill for the time period and story is average fair (akin to Carrie). The Satanic stuff is fun of course, but it's rather slow for the first half.

John D (us) wrote: A very touching portrait of a specific time and place. Historic yet personal.


Ills G (mx) wrote: Forget Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl, because she is nowhere from Gene Tierney in this masterpiece, she's probably the most sociopathic female character ever. Leon Shamroy' camerawork is astonishingly beautiful.

Patrick K (au) wrote: Decent game of cat and mouse as Michael Douglas plays a brilliant villainous character who decides to make his young guide strip down, run through a desert and hide, the only thing is this game of hide and seek is particularly dangerous. It seems like it could have been so much more fun than it turned out to be but as throw away entertainment it did alright