03:34 Terremoto en Chile

03:34 Terremoto en Chile

This moving film portrays three different but interconnected stories that take place in the wake of the devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile in February 2010.

Directed by Juan Pablo Ternicier, this moving film portrays three different but interconnected stories that take place in the wake of the devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joey F (mx) wrote: *see Anchorman 1 review*

Geir F (kr) wrote: An audacious thriller that is sure to impress, infuriate and divide its audience into two very polarized camps. At its core a generic "hunters become hunted" thriller, but Trigger Man confounds expectations by constantly and deliberately subverting all the traditional genre twists, turns and cliches. And that, even though nothing seems to happen for the first hour or so, ultimately makes it a very suspenseful film. People who just want cheap, gory thrills upfront will hate this movie. People who have seen far too many films of this kind already, and know how they go, are more likely to come away pleased. Trigger Man plays like a version of Deliverance directed by a very young Richard Linklater, and I loved it.

Justin C (fr) wrote: This movie is HILARIOUS!! Ignore the moronic critics who rate this movie like it was made to win Oscars, its a slap stick comedy meant to make you laugh and thats it...and it delivers!

James B (us) wrote: Still a weird movie. 20 to 30 years after I saw it for the first time, and it's still creepy. You've got to hand it to Michael Keaton. He's a pretty versatile actor, and has played some pretty nutty roles.

Fernando E (br) wrote: Great French Noir. It'll keep you guessing. Some of Melville's choices are a little distracting, but they all add up quite nicely.

Alaine B (it) wrote: He doesn't like guns but he knows how to use them. Loads of characters and stereotypes, this is a morality play. Very good Western. If there's a "Rewatchability Index" somewhere, this title will be on it.

Nick D (nl) wrote: a mess from what could have been an epoch

Michael A Elkana F (es) wrote: A unique story, blend of creativity and great sense of humour, Pixar always delivers =) My favorite Pixar short *even the Wilhelm Scream makes me LOL"

Walter M (de) wrote: In "Turn the River," Kailey Sullivan(Famke Janssen, doing a fine Sandra Bullock impression) is a pool player who has been forbidden from seeing her 10-year old son Gulley(Jaymie Dornan) since he was born. However, that does not stop her from contacting him via a dead letter drop at a pool hall or meeting him in Central Park when she is in New York City. Lately, she has noticed Gulley's broken arm, ascribing this to his father(Matt Ross) and hatches a plot to run away with her son. The poorly directed "Turn the River" wastes a good cast in a failed attempt to capture the atmosphere of smoke-filled pool halls by going for a melodramatic premise that ends on a false note. I know that Gulley's father is quite possibly abusive but Kailey is not the solution, even though the movie tries in vain to make her sympathetic.(Since when do criminal lowlifes do anything without getting paid beforehand?) Even if she had come up with a way that is not half-baked to get her son, her parenting skills leave something to be desired since she is pure impulse, uncontrollably twitching when a game is not imminent.(Gulley probably finds her coolness and lack of responsibility refreshing.) And even with a full explanation at the end, I still do not exactly buy the story as to how Kailey and Gulley met.