1 a Minute

1 a Minute

The film chronicles the diagnosis and treatment of a breast cancer survivor, interspersed with personal tales from famous international celebrities who are also survivors, or affected closely by cancer.

The film chronicles the diagnosis and treatment of a breast cancer survivor, interspersed with personal tales from famous international celebrities who are also survivors, or affected closely by cancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela M (it) wrote: This movie was so inspirational. Although it had some very sad parts that make you cry it was a very good movie.

Pedro C (ca) wrote: I really liked it, but what's with the bizarre choice of songs? "Space Oddity" in Italian? RHCP? whaaat. PLUS what's with the Gus van Sant tendencies? :D

Bob K (kr) wrote: No plot, no story, just an impressionistic film that vaguely follows Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko through pretentious moments in Paris, Mont Saint Michel, and Bartlesville, OK. They fall in and out of love, and a couple other people show up to complicate matters, like Rachel McAdams. Javier Bardem makes a convincing lost priest who yearns to be filled with Christ's presence. Almost the only words spoken are insipid narrations. Why bother? Because Emmanuel Lubezki (3 Oscars in 3 years) was the D.P., and Terrence Malick's never-still camera makes everything beautiful, as always. I no longer expect his movies to mean anything, I just watch them and relax.

Harry W (br) wrote: Teaming up both Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in the one film and receiving positive recognition for doing so, I Love You Phillip Morris sounded like a film with potential for hilarity and great acting.I Love You Phillip Morris is a lot to take in, a cinematic experience heavy in plot dynamics yet very light in tone much of the time, proving somewhat overwhelming in just how much the viewer has to take in. The film takes the most ridiculously lighthearted approach to being gay which ultimately proves to be the driving force behind actually everything in the story. There is no room for melodrama surrounding the sexuality of the characters, it is merely a diminutive element in a much wider narrative about the comedy of escape and the drama of love.For the majority of the first hour, I Love You Phillip Morris rushes through its story at such a ridiculous pace that the manic energy is likely to just wear viewers down. I know that I found it to be a bit much and that even the fast-paced antics of Jim Carrey were not rapid enough to trail I Love You Phillip Morris at an appropriate pace. The film attempts to squeeze in multiple prison escapes, a lot of tasteful gay jokes and romantic drama into a running time of 93 minutes and call it a true story,. The extent of reality is uncertain, but I'm willing to believe that the story happened. Yet there is a lot to suggest that I should believe otherwise. The fact is that the film has such a remarkable true story to it, and the fact htat it all actually happened is a lot to take in. Unfortunately, the pace does not structure the film perfectly. The rapid movement of things also makes it more difficult for the reality of the story to prove believable. The film doesn't put everything about the antics of Steven Jay Russell into the most detailed perspective and instead attempts to run through much of his life in a very brief time period while degenerating many of his achievements and life experiences to brief jokes or just jumping from one to the next without sensibly taking some time to fill the gaps in between. A lot of this seems to be an effort to characterize Steven Jay Russell, but that actually doesn't happen until the film slows down later on. That is when the film actively manages to use rich drama to transcend a rather shallow comic nature that it has spent so long building. The sudden chance can seem strange, but when the film charters into sentimental territory, I Love You Phillip Morris achieves some of its truly greatest moments. The third act of the film is where the drama and characters really jump out, creating some unexpectedly powerful moments. The drama in the film is all the more powerful by contrast to the preceding comedy, giving an unexpected level of edge to the feature which really leaves a striking effect. The more the story progresses and the drama intensifies, the more the film focuses on developing the relationship between Steven Jay Russell and Phillip Morris. There is such beauty in what they share, such a powerful depiction of passion that stems from the script. As a result, the romantic drama of I Love You Phillip Morris is a truly effective plot element which makes a powerful impact within a short span of time, successfully ensuring that the film is one I can recommend. As weird as the pacing of it all is, when I Love You Phillip Morris is comically oriented its lighthearted nature is easy to embrace and charming enough to be the source of a few laughs while it just improves when it has to get dramatic about things. This can very much be credited to the remarkable leading performance of Jim Carrey.Jim Carrey's performance is his greatest of the entire 2000's decades. Everyone is aware of the swift-witted comic persona, and he incorporates that into I Love You Phillip Morris as a means of conveying the man's ability to change the colour of his skin to fit the context of any situation that calls on him. Yet though this archetype is popular in Hollywood, I Love You Phillip Morris is far from a Hollywood. Ultimately, the material gives him the chance to deliver his most tenacious role since his Golden Globe winning performance in Man on the Moon. Flawlessly capturing the confidence ability to morph into any person he so wishes, Jim Carrey's greatest con is convincing the audience that he is actually Steven Jay Russell. The humanity comes from the more melodramatic scenes where he knows to really delver deep into the character, and the sight of him resonating with the role with such depth that he tears up as he delivers an emotional monologue is a truly stunning thing. Jim Carrey conveys a brilliantly versatile comic spirit in I Love You Phillip Morris where he keeps up with the over the top story without being heavily reliant on his pre-established comedic material and is able to restrain himself well enough to divert his familiar talents into an innovative performance, but more importantly he flexes his dramatic muscles for the first time in years and does it with such beautiful dedication to detail in the character that I was left forgetting that it was a performance. I Love You Phillip Morris certainly features one of his career-best performances.Ewan McGregor is also wonderful. For an actor with such a high-profile Hollywood career to boast about, I Love You Phillip Morris hands the accomplished actor a relatively brief supporting role where he acts like never before. Abandoning his traditional sense of wisdom and vigilante determination, Ewan McGregor's energetic flamboyance in I Love You Phillip Morris is both hilarious by contrast to his more serious efforts and charming in its own way. His frailty is the true element of his character, transforming into the source of all his humanity during the most touching moments of the film. Ewan McGregor has little screen time, but he says a lot about his character with a brief performance where he puts exceptional dedication into the part and shares some beautiful scenes with Jim Carrey.So I Love You Phillip Morris is an oddly paced film which rushes through a story to turn much of Steven Jay Russell's life into cheap gags, but the touching sentimentality of the third act and consistent dedication from Jim Carrey push the film into successful dramatic ground.

Matthew K (us) wrote: It's got my all time favorite actress in it Amy Jo Johnson

Riley E (fr) wrote: Completely pointless. Started nowhere, and ended up much the same. I'll admit, the trips were creative and well done, but without any real direction or reason, it was hard to figure out why I was supposed to care about two drugged-out assholes wrecking hotel rooms.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Steve A (ca) wrote: The musical numbers are fantastic. It's too bad the rest is so boring.

Therese M (jp) wrote: a very good war-movie!

Jessica E (us) wrote: This movie was so much fun! The writing is absolutely fabulous because the witty banter is nonstop. There is an all-star cast that plays together marvelously well, not to mention the gorgeous Ginger Rogers who stole the show. This is a very fun chick flick, especially for those who have experience living with all women!

Kylie N (au) wrote: I watched this because I like Katherine Heigl but the movie itself is pretty uninteresting and bland.