1 Day

1 Day

This searing British thriller follows Flash (Dylan Duffus), who's safeguarding his buddy Angel's (Yohance Watson) cash until his release from prison. Now Angel is out -- and Flash is 100 pounds short. He turns to a lowlife named Evil (Tobias Duncan) for help, the first in a series of mistakes. Now, Flash has more than just Angel hunting him down. Directed by Penny Woolcock (Mischief Night), the film co-stars Ohran Whyte and Chris Wilson

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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1 Day follows 24 hours in the life of Flash, an inner-city hustler who's day steadily gets worse when he finds out local gang leader Angel is being released from prison and wants his £500k he left with him for safekeeping. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark B (fr) wrote: Worst movie ever made. Wish I could give 0 stars. Generally bad acting can add a bit of unintentional humour but this was cringe worthy. Everything about this was abysmal and to think this is supposed to pay tribute to the soldiers that fought bravely, many sacrificing their lives. The film-makers should be ashamed. Then boiled.

Scott C (de) wrote: Superbly done British kitchen sink drama. Non-actor, Katie Jarvis carries the movie, holding her own against Michael Fassbender.

Shibansu G (ru) wrote: family movie again..touches your heart.

Nick A (ca) wrote: When decadent means that the movie is more softcore than anything else, then you're set. I didn't really get the evil part, but that must be just me. The actors are not given much to work with, the story is neglectable, but luckily the movie is short.

Tom S (de) wrote: Imamura once commented that he(TM)d been bothered by Ozu(TM)s image of a pristine Japan, but Ozu had a method " he provides this clean exterior at the beginning to show us what(TM)s superficial, and then dives into the pain underneath. Late Spring? " arguably a feminist film about the social pressures of post-WWII Japan " proves again why he(TM)s one his country(TM)s greatest directors.

Jamie M (mx) wrote: I went to see A Brilliant Young Mind back in March, when it opened in the UK, and had seen a couple of reviews telling me it was a mediocre film. Believe me it's not. A Brilliant Young Mind is a moving, tender and hilarious view of teenagers with autism, and the performances, (especially from Sally Hawkins, who carries the film on her back most of the time) are absolutely fantastic, as the settings, Taiwan, beautiful and cultural to find wonder even in this film, where you can really see these characters emotions and development. I'll admit the ending is quite soapy and sentimental, but it is made up for by brilliant performances, bags of laughter and warm wit and charm. My favourite film of 2015 and highly underrated.

Mark D (mx) wrote: very weak, boring, useless, lame movie.

Ron L (au) wrote: I like unusual films. I was hoping this would be interesting and thought-provoking, like A Clockwork Orange. Unfortunately, The Lobster is stupid and boring.

Mark B (it) wrote: Long, drawn out scenes hinder the HELL out of scenery and texture that this film sorely needs to make up for being SUCH a downtrodden fable. Filmed in "Artsy" black-&-white only made me that much more angry to watch, considering 5K, HD television is available now. I stuck with it to the end solely to get the trope payoff of having Depp get some vengeance or SOMETHING at the end of this; but, alas, it was NOT to be. Do N O T waste your time...even if there's nothing else on cable.