We follow Ichi during his high school years. Mr. Dai is the best fighter in school... whenever he fights Ichi is there and has a huge smile on his face. Mr. Dai thinks that Ichi is laughing at him but in fact he enjoys watching the violence that goes through the fights. Everyone is bullying, taunting and making fun of Ichi... even little kids from his karate class. Yet Ichi refuses to let go of his anger and fight others. Just when Mr. Dai is about to get Ichi, a new transfer student starts to make his own laws... by beating up everyone and breaking their bones! In a fight with the new student, Mr. Dai ends up on the ground, beaten and broken up from almost everywhere. It seems like this new guy wants to fight Ichi because supposedly he is the only one that could give him some challenge.

How Ichi becomes the Killer. The movie is a pre-quel to Takashi Miike's Koroshiya 1 (Ichi - The Killer). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven K (gb) wrote: I'm not part of this band's apparently large and devoted following, just a fan of music and documentaries, so this held my interest. However, it had a lot of different "talking heads" in it and I got a bit lost at one point as to which of the the main two band members' friends or producers was talking. I wasn't blown away by any particular song this band recorded, but I did end up ordering a copy of The Box Tops Greatest Hits. He sure had a sexy voice for a kid when he sang lead on "The Letter" and "Cry Like a Baby". The people in this movie keep saying it's a mystery why Big Star didn't become big stars; in that era didn't they always need a hit single? Did they ever get one? Seems to me a great band without a radio hit in that era was doomed to the bargain bins; tough business then, even tougher now...

Regina G (mx) wrote: Interesting but, sad what happens during war

rick r (nl) wrote: "Bordello Death Tales" is a horror trilogy that brings together the talents of James Eaves, Pat Higgins and Alan Ronald. The stories offer up a trilogy of video nasties that are creative, stripped-down dark tales with witty endings. The trilogy forgoes the typical set up of horror host and uses a central point of terror to anchor the short films together. It works with this film when usually a lack of host to guide us through the nightmares is often greatly missed. "Bordello Death Tales" stars Eleanor James, Tina Barnes, Sam Dacombe, Harold Gasnier, Cy Henty, Julian Lamoral-Roberts, Natalie Milner and Danielle Laws."The Ripper" is a chilling and brutal story that brings a bit of sweet revenge to the sex worker gals who are so often preyed upon with brutality. It is sort of a ripper meets ripper kind of tale with a vicious killer of sex workers meeting a just reward in kind to his own brutality. A short film that is both organic, low budget and visceral. "The Ripper" offers a fun, entertaining blood soaked gorefest. "Stitchgirl" is a campy, black & white piece that beckons Tim Burton to the truly dark side of cinema. Once more the story gives us a sinister madman feeding his delights from the selection of local prostitutes. Only this man's revenge is a short lived tease of pleasure orchestrated by the madam herself. "Stitchgirl" is fun, creative, and truly artistic in it's delivery. With a Gothic avant-garde design this short film is well worth the price of this collection of death tales. "Vice Day" is more video nasty that Gothic art and brings us back full circle to the very video nasty nature of this trilogy. It is another visceral tale filled with blood, boobs and bad men. A political perv meets his end at the hands of a true fighter among the sex trade who is better at surviving than the politician. The story in "Vice Day" is a bit of a drag in the middle, more wordy and boisterous than the other two stories but it does bring the breasticles for the hetero gore fan. It also has just as much wit and just as dark of material as the other to stories in this collection. Even being weaker than the other two short films, "Vice Day" still holds it's own with its dark nature and blood bath epitome. "Bordello Death Tales" is a low budget trilogy but well managed, and directed brilliantly. It is a collection of clever video nasties that does not disappoint. I found the stories entertaining, the deaths graphic and gory, plus the witty endings offer a nice slice of justice. Actually "Bordello Death Tales" is kind of tasteful in the fact that it puts all the power in the hands of "whores" who are often tossed aside or relegated to the gutters of man's dark nature. The film is well worth checking out for indie, and low-budget horror fans.

Debbie D (nl) wrote: It's a well documented fact that director Director Chris R. Notarile originally wrote this script as an installment of the "Halloween" franchise. When he lost that to Rob Zombie, he adapted it into "Methodic" and I'm glad he did! I love this movie! There are some similar themes to "Halloween", but in the last third of this movie it there's a bit of a twist that takes it in another direction and that's where it really becomes it's own original story. The acting is great and the plot point of "The Dollman" being kind of a virus that can infect anyone is fantastic! This is explored more in the short film sequel "Methodic 1.5". This is also the worlds first basher movie!

Bruce M (us) wrote: Interesting spin on life! Don't think its a "more than one watch" but yeah...watch it and make up your own mind.

Chris P (it) wrote: Really enjoyed this one. One of the better told and most interesting origin stories in the MCU. 3.5/5

Arushi S (it) wrote: In a country where not much about emergency is taught in the school....this movie gave more insight than any of my so called history text book. A very beautifully directed movie that displays human actions as they are....not white, not black...but somewhere in between. There are no so called heroes and villains in the life...there are just people! I like the narration of the movie through the letter exchanged between the main character. The different issues faced by our society are bought up in a manner that makes one sit up and take notice. One of my fav dialogue, n its been a while since i have seen this movie so its not verbatim but the gist of it is..... There may be a distance of few hundred kms between Delhi and this place but it feels like there is a distance of few hundred years.

Greg W (es) wrote: good stylish kinda trippy thriller

Joel F (us) wrote: I felt like it was one of denzel Washingtons best performances ever, and the film really makes you feel for the characters.

Dominic F (it) wrote: Overrated. You can't get by without neat direction. Melanie Griffith doesn't need bare-bones scripts either.

Anna N (gb) wrote: The only thing that makes this movie watchable is the fact that you can laugh at how dated it is.

Jimmy H (ag) wrote: This is an alltime classic. It's 80 years old, and it's still as good as it ever was. It won the top five Academy Awards for Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director and Screenplay. I say buy and buy in Blu-Ray for the extras and a full-length documentary on the making of the movie.

Danny S (kr) wrote: Atmospheric thriller set in sumptuous surroundings. Marilyn Monroe makes a fine femme fatale!

Gavin P (de) wrote: Good to see Gibson having some fun and not being too serious! Simple plot - he steals $4million, gets put in a Mexican prison (with VERY loose rules!) and has to figure out hot to get his money back & survive. Some funny moments and plenty of explosions and shootouts and a satisfying ending - nothing too new or different, but a good action/shoot-em-up!