1 Lawan Satu

1 Lawan Satu

Every fighter has their stories… So does Saleh and Radhi, two fighters that is estranged from each other meet on the arena for the battle that they fight for the one they love the most. Saleh came from a family that teaches him to fight for honor and protects whilst Radhi fight for the sake of his sister’s life

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John F (au) wrote: Possibly one of the best ' Loch Ness Monster films that I've seen. Lots of fun.

Sam S (mx) wrote: Actor Michael Madsen turns the tables on notorious paparazzo, Billy Dant, by hiring a trio of documentary filmmakers to chronicle Dant's life, loves, and troubles.

Mitchell Z (mx) wrote: A rousing true story based on the life of Ken Carter, Coach Carter is a great sports drama that is carried by a strong performance by Samuel L. Jackson. Throughout the film you can see how lost these kids are and the troubles they deal with in the beat up town of Richmond, and Jackson makes it believable that a man would dedicate his time to ensure that these boys had futures outside of basketball. Its that believability in Jackson's performance that drives this film.

RA L (gb) wrote: BIG SCREEN. Estar poblada de clichs y arquetipos comunes, pero se mantiene como una pelcula hermosa y slida. / May be populated with cliches and common archetypes, but it remains a beautiful and solid movie.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Women are strange, doctor. Very strange. A group of college students decide to have their New Year's party on a train. The group of college kids hospitalized a kid playing a prank earlier in the year but that doesn't stop them from continuing with their shenanigans. Unfortunately for the pranksters, a masked killer is on the train taking them out one by one. "You think you could manage without the flipper?" Roger Spottiswoode, director of Shake Hands with the Devil, Ripley Under Ground, Tomorrow Never Dies, Stop or my Mom will Shoot, Air America, Turner and Hooch, Shoot to Kill, and Under Fire, delivers Terror Train. The storyline for this picture is a bit unimaginative and fairly straight forward. The slasher/kill sequences were okay but nothing special. The acting was average for the content and the cast includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Johnson, David Copperfield, and Hart Bochner. "Cold hands warm hard." Terror Train is one of those movies we came across while flicking through the channels and decided to DVR. We had never heard of this Jamie Lee Curtis slasher flick and decided to give it a shot; unfortunately, this film was a bit boring and disappointing. The film never had the intensity of Strangers on a Train despite having plenty of kill sequences and gore. Overall, this is a below average slasher flick that is not worth your time. Grade: C-

Richard G (de) wrote: This low-budget drama about a possible atomic apocalypse is stagey at times, but keeps your interest throughout. It reminded me, ironically of a film that came out the next year, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" which also began with the meeting of strangers on a remote California desert highway

Kim D (au) wrote: Famous mostly for a scene in which a beautiful young ice skater encounters a killer armed with a sickle and wearing a hag mask on a frozen pond, Curtains is a cleverly written murder mystery in the slasher vein. There is a mature approach to the characters, and the best performance is delivered by the intense Samantha Eggar, who infuses just the right measures of bitterness and passion into her character. Curtains definitely knows its money shots, and a couple of murder scenes that could have been used for suspense are quickly glazed over, as if director Ciupka suddenly realised that he quickly needed to get rid of a secondary character he'd forgotten. After seeing the masterfully shot murder on the pond, having the killer suddenly grab a character from behind just before the camera cuts away is a little unsatisfying. That said, Curtains does not run out of steam. It progresses through some interesting character developments to a tense final chase, a revelation of the killer's identity, and concludes with a delectable plot twist. A quality DVD release is badly needed.

Larry C (gb) wrote: Weak. Nicolas Sparks writing is a felony