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Lighter and livelier than the films Jean-Luc Godard had made in France, his U.S. collaboration with Direct Cinema documentarian D. A. Pennebaker was meant to be One A.M., as in “one American movie”; but Godard quit the project and the U.S., where to his dismay he discovered that revolution wasn’t imminent, and Pennebaker edited Godard’s material, to which he and Richard Leacock even added a bit more, releasing the result as One P.M., as in “one parallel movie.” It’s a stunning mixture of cinéma-vérité, political theater, and interviews of key sixties figures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian H (nl) wrote: An flawed homage to the original, but I still liked it.

Jan B (de) wrote: Have to see for Jolanta Dylewska

Marcelle B (jp) wrote: Excellent movie. A new take on growing up with your egocentric, starry-eyed mother and brother with MR (whose highly function and very funny).

Harry W (ca) wrote: As Amy Adams is one of the best actresses of today, I needed to see Junebug as the first film to score her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.And all in all, I enjoyed Junebug although I found it to be a flawed film.With Junebug, there are a lot of characters, perhaps one too many. Although a very small scale film, Junebug puts all its focus on the characters but there are a bit too many too fully keep up with. While Junebug's central focus is on Madeline Johnsten as she meets her husband's family as well as Ashley Johnsten as she deals wither pregnancy and the relating issues that come with it, and those two are the most interesting characters. But at the same time Junebug attempts to tell the stories of the judgmental mother Peg Johnsten and her reserved husband Eugene as well as their sullen and resentful son Johnny who is married to Ashley but neglects her and doesn't display respect or care for her. Junebug keeps its focus mostly on the more interesting characters, but there are still a few too many to really be able to easily understand and fully keep up with. I found myself confused with attempting to keep up with all of the characters and found that the focus of the story was shifting between them all a bit. And although that captures the awkward atmosphere of coming to terms with being introduced to a family after marrying into one, the slow pace of the film comes into contact with its constantly shifting focus which makes it a little dull at times. Junebug is still an admirable and entertaining film which is touching and dramatic as well as featuring a clever touch of comedy at times, but the relevance of all the characters isn't too easy to keep up with because although the characters in the story are meaningful, the focus between them is constantly shifting. So Junebug is a bit of a scattered film. It is ambitious, but is a little loose in certain areas.Still, Junebug is an entertaining film. Junebug is a slow feature, but it is really easy to watch because the script in the film is intelligent and dramatic enough with a light touch of comedy so that it finds a balance between the two genres and works as a lighthearted story. It is very well written and the screenplay harnesses the concepts that it presents to the film well enough for it to be sufficiently entertaining in an intelligent and yet relaxed manner. Junebug is a really gentle film, but that doesn't mean that it is lazy because it honestly deals with the dramatic dynamics of its characters in a way which isnt melodramatic but is strong enough to make some kind of emotional impact on the viewers.Junebug is a simple film, a nice small scale one which is character focused and serves largely to present opportunities to its cast of actors which is great because most of the appeal in Junebug comes from its cast.Amy Adam's gives the best performance of the film and one of the finest of her career. For most of the time she is a genial presence simply because of the fact that she has a delightful friendly charm to her and because she is a very pretty woman, so she makes a compelling effort and it is easy to sympathise for her character. She has a delightfully charming energy to her which makes her practically impossible to dislike even though she is a very naive and talkative figure, and she has a smile that simply lights up the screen whenever she is present. But as the story progresses into its second act, the material becomes a lot more dramatic and it requires Amy Adams to be more than simply charming. As her character Ashley Johnston has to come to terms with loss and motherhood, Amy Adams perfectly deals with the drama so incredibly that it is painfully realistic in how she faces the material. The kind of events that Ashley Johnston deals with is very tricky material and in a film it is difficult to execute it right without being melodramatic, but in her wisdom as an actress Amy Adams takes it on just fine and gives a performance which deservingly scored her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.Embeth Davidtz manages to give a good leading role. While her character isn't the most interesting figure, she does tackle the role with great realism in a performance which is friendly as well as restrained enough not to be melodramatic. Embeth Davidtz's natural charisma in the part and her ability to interact with the other cast members very well. Embeth Davidtz's best skill in Junebug is the way that she forms relationships with other characters because the fact of the matter is that the story chronicles her as she becomes welcomed into her husband's family and learns what they are all about, and by successfully capturing the awkward demeanour of the character and the friendly nature of her which great, so she makes a fine lead actress for Junebug.Celia Weston also gives a fine effort within her small screen time because it feels genuinely awkward to be around her due to her judgmental and unpredictable nature which means that the audience is therefore able to empathise with Madeline Johnson by feeling the same things as her. Benjamin McKenzie also gives a fine supporting performance where he captures the self centred and introverted nature of Johnny Johnsten very well. The entire time, Benjamin McKenzie keeps to himself and essentially separates himself from the rest of the cast which reveals the mental isolation he has cast upon himself.So although Junebug is a slow film which has a scattered focus over all of its characters and doesn't go too far, it has a lot of interesting characters thanks to a well written script which combines small scale drama with a light touch of comedy and supplies a lot of material for the cast to work with, particularly Amy Adams whose performance is breakthrough one which shows off many of her talents.

Al M (jp) wrote: Directed by Bill ("Game Over, Man!") Paxton, Frailty remains a personal favorite of mine. An unsettling, original, and intelligent horror film, Frailty explores the delusions that can attend religious fundamentalism, the dark influence that parents can wield over children, and the ways in which innocence can be perverted. But Frailty also perfectly rides the line of ambiguity between acts of God and psychosis. Unlike any other horror film you have ever seen, Frailty is stylish, well-acted, and genuinely disturbing; A must see for any true horror fan....

Millo T (nl) wrote: A good film noir, with its femme fatale and all the good points of the genre. What I like more from the film is the use of scenario: some people will tell you about the mirror's scene, but I liked even more the interaction with people and scenarios in Caribbean, Chinese neighbourhoods, people around... That interaction is not perfect, of course, as 40s movies hadn't overcome that defect of focusing too much in just the main characters, but I think it's the better approach I have found from a movie in these years. The plot is interesting, with shocking moments, keeps you asking all the time what is going on, however, you may find some things which are difficult to believe in love story (but is in part a problem of the age it was made, when they didn't want to call lust by its name: also, Rita Hayworth is impacting, yeah, but as a femme fatale there were actress who were more credible, but for me the problem comes from the way the script desvelops the character; however, her climax moments were apoteosic). So, a very good movie, not perfect, but one classic which deserves its name.

Mike V (us) wrote: This war romance drama is sentimental in parts but endearing nonetheless. Outstanding performances and cinematography. AAW. 1001

bernard a (au) wrote: I have to admit that I had a strong bias for the original 1931 version of WATERLOO BRIDGE, a true classic of the pre-code era, prior to watching this remake. I just didn't have very high expectations for this. It turns out that, no - I still don't think it's as great as the original - but it's also not as bad as I thought it would be. The key for my enjoyment of this film revolves around the main character of Myra (Vivien Leigh), a ballerina dancer. It is WWI era London and during an air raid alert - Myra meets a soldier, Captain Roy Cronin (Robert Taylor). Cronin is immediately smitten with Myra's beauty and he goes out of his way to try to meet up with her again. Myra too is intrigued by the handsome Captain and agrees to see him despite warnings not to do so by Madame Olga (Maria Ouspenskaya), the head of Myra's ballet troupe. They have a sort of whirlwind fling because the Captain is scheduled to be shipped out to war within the next day or two. The next morning Myra espies the Captain standing just outside her rain-streaked window and she becomes as giddy as a school girl...so much so that Myra's roommate, Kitty (Virginia Field) has to help her dress. Some of the better romantic moments happen in this first part of the film. * WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD * My problem with this remake comes to the fore during the next third of the film. Myra, having disobeyed Madam Olga's order not to see the soldier, is summarily dismissed from the troupe. Having come to Myra's defense, Kitty too is fired by Madam Olga. What happens next is what stretches your plausibility threshold. Kitty, then Myra having lost their primary source of income all of a sudden have to resort to streetwalking in order to support themselves. At least in the 1931 original, both Myra & Kitty (if I remember correctly) were already streetwalkers. So this fall from grace - especially by the virginal Myra seems a bit too much to swallow IMO. ...and then the scene when Myra meets Captain Roy's mother, the Lady Margaret (Lucile Watson) at a restaurant. What is left unsaid during the dialogue between the two bothers me somewhat...but I suppose it can be explained as creating "drama". Also, since I knew how the original ended also blunted my enjoyment somewhat for the ending here. What else is there to say - other than Vivien Leigh was a very beautiful actress and she looked so young here. I couldn't help myself from just staring at her. 8 / 10

Ben B (ru) wrote: A sometimes brutal examination of loss, regret, time, memory, duplicity, complacency, happiness, ambivalence, and change, Before Sunset shifts the focus away from its predecessor's exuberant and poetic messages of optimistic love and hope and instead shines a light on the harsh realities of broken relationships, cynical adult life, and the world, while showing how our pasts can live on and haunt us in unexpected ways, albeit sometimes for a reason. Extremely long takes and minimal camera movement ground the film and allows the actors' conversations to feel genuine. The script is another masterclass in enthralling, diverse dialogue and is packed with deeply meaningful parables and reflections on the enigmatic, but ultimately flawed, human condition. Although much of the film is full of gut wrenching realism, it again brilliantly ends on a soulful, mystical note of optimism and ambiguity.

Robert O (gb) wrote: really enjoyed this movie no it's not oscar worthy but this is a good story well told and Mel was awesome all the supporting actors were fantastic too looking forward to seeing Blood Father in my opinion movies like this that slip through the cracks are the best most of what's in theaters isn't worth watching just super hero movies

Liam C (kr) wrote: Reese Witherspoon is indeed worth fighting for but the whole film could have been avoided if the two main characters just realised that being double dated was, oh, I don't know, wrong? It would have made some sort of sense if the characters weren't friends and were rival spies or something. It just seems like it would have added to the conflict and increased the comedic potential; the characters have their own rules that you know they will break but it just isn't the same. Honestly, the spy element only seems added to give the film sort of originality as well as leading to some potential jokes that could only be achieved with this concept because in the grand scheme of things, it is almost completely forgotten about. I knew what the concept a long time before I actually watched it but it just seemed like nothing happened throughout the whole movie. When the movie started it was good, the action was filmed very well, it wasn't just masked up by lazy shaky came, it had a cool style and even the intro was very Bond inspired, and although she wasn't in the movie at this point, it seemed weird to see Reese Witherspoon's name over some random henchman during the opening credits but the set up was pretty good. I also liked the way that the two leads met Lauren as it didn't really feel as coincidental as other movies would do it. The cast try with what they have and the three leads, as well as the great supporting cast do good as well but honestly though, when the two leads meet Lauren is when pretty much everything else goes downhill.It's a silly comedy and nobody acts like a real person, you can't just tear up a restaurant, twice, and get away with it regardless of your job but it is just didn't make sense. I kind of expected FDR to say to Tuck about how lame the dating website was and that was how they would bring it up but it works the way it is. The characters don't really make any sense, Lauren says that she 'isn't that type of girl' when someone brings up something a little bit silly and yet she goes from dating nobody for a long time to dating two guys at once and honestly; Witherspoon gives a lot to this character but it is hard to feel sympathy for a character who is dating two people and finds it hard to choose one, really? When the characters start dating I found it hard to believe that FDR didn't know why Tuck didn't show up to his arrangement or how Tuck knew where FDR would be to spy on his first date. It even goes down to something as nitpicky as, Lauren is dancing and singing to a song, in a scene that felt pointless by the way, but she puts on 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid' halfway through and continues to sing... Because that makes sense? Also, she thinks that FDR just fell asleep on the couch but wouldn't she see the tranquilliser dart right next to his hand that is in plain view? And why did Tuck have to go on about explaining those people that showed up at his dinner? Why couldn't he just lie and say it was a joke someone did? A good piece of character we get is when Tuck says 'mentlegents'. I thought technically speaking the film looked good for the most part, like I said, the action was well filmed and it had a style and the editing was good as well, the paintball scene was good, even if that paint-bomb looked brutal and the Titanic music playing in the background at one point fit well as well. But other times some scenes felt out of place and one point in particular where Tuck is on the roof with a rifle and the music comes in too late into that scene that I had no idea what just happened. It's like the music guy forgot his cue and quickly rushed to speed up, it was really bad; I had to rewind just to see if what I thought happened actually happened. It isn't bad to the point where the music comes in after the scene is finished or anything like that but it's noticeably bad. And overall, it's probably just a little bit longer than it needed to be.I also didn't like the ending much at first, but not because it's made badly but because it just seemed cruel to our characters, it kind of felt like an all or nothing kind of deal, and the choice that was made seems backwards as the other choice was the genuinely nice honest one who didn't stalk/ show up at her work. But in the end, it does work out well for our both leads even if the other end just feels crammed in to give them both a happy ending but the film does end on a good joke so there is that. And I won't lie, the film did make me laugh at points and it certainly has its moments but it really doesn't have a lot of them. Knowing that Seth Rogen was one of the choices for one of the leading roles seems bizarre. 'This Means War' has a fun title, good leads and an interesting premise but doesn't really do as much with it as it should.

ray r (es) wrote: Brilliant movie. Bogart is his usual brilliant self and some of the other characters are class. You cant really go wrong with a Bogart movie.