10:30 A.M. Local Call

10:30 A.M. Local Call


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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10:30 A.M. Local Call torrent reviews

Adrian S (es) wrote: Surprisingly taut two-hander!

JY S (it) wrote: Dong-hoon Choi delivers the stolen goods in The Thieves.For 2 hours and 15 minutes the story keeps the pressure on as the plot constantly leaves details to be determined. With all the characters and the heist elements the story does require attention to keep up; however, it manages to stay simple enough to avoid confusion.The heist is quite elaborate, but that's only half the film. The film continues with other criminal activity and even some action sequences to top it all off.Despite some disappointing closures for some of the characters, the variety of them is a huge asset to this picture and is backed by some solid acting all around. Gianna Jun is the eye catcher of them all and the most lively at that. Yun-seok Kim is a reliable ringleader. Simon Yam, Angelica Lee, and Hye-Soo Kim fill up some of the other major characters.After all the fun has run its course, The Thieves finds itself as a film worth stealing.

Brad S (br) wrote: A well made film that looks at the American Dream from the bottom in today's world. Bichir gives a very good and realistic performance as an illegal immigrant single father raising a teenage boy in L.A. and struggling every day to make ends meet. It's a solid story with solid filmmaking craft throughout. It's by no means a flashy or artistic film, but it serves its simple story well.

jenna k (es) wrote: O. . ! This movie I actuallly suprisingly liked :) It was really good! ;) Emilly and David look so cute together . .! :)

Connie H (de) wrote: Yes the shadow monster chasing them around the entire movie is a bad CGi monster, but you get to see James Marsters in his underwear a great deal of the movie. And that alone makes up for the bad CGI.I think if the CGI shadow monster would have been done a bit better and maybe better blood used (it was obvious it was red paint and not cough syrup for the blood like other movies use) then maybe I'd give it 4 stars instead of 3.5

Patterson O (ru) wrote: Typical smug portrayal of Southern life. Its difficult to not have a visceral reaction of anger at two hour time wasters that poke fun at someone's idea of what the South is. People like this do not exist unless you're making a movie or a comic book. At some point, I had to just put on the subtitles and fast forward it to finish it out. Not a single likable character in the bunch. Amy Adams played the part of a child in a woman's body, but the reason she was a child was because she was the sacrificial victim of a repulsive culture.

Clark P (us) wrote: Forget the critics. Listen to me. Better yet, watch this magical movie. The cast listing the name of Michael Caine alone should require a viewing by any movie fan who knows what to watch. Add Christopher Walken and please. Plus this quirky script? It will land in your all time top ten and if it doesn't, then at least a five-star rating. Must see. Enough said.

Keith C (mx) wrote: Infinitely watchable showcase of phenomenal performances; look for Rainn Wilson in a small but fun role, cast way against type.

Owen G (mx) wrote: This movie has so much heart, and I love this masterpiece of underrated Disney animation so how the hell has this got 38% on RottenTomatoes!

Sweet Poetic R (ru) wrote: good movie....but i felt sorry for the characters that played the siamese twins in this movie...because they had a hard time and people were so damn rude, because they didn't understand about someone being different....and it had a sad ending....

Hobie P (nl) wrote: Just like the first 2....Not brilliant but fun.

John H (ag) wrote: A perfect piece of work, at once delicate and wry, smirking and sentimental, warm and wise.

Douglas C (ru) wrote: true story of commando raid on uboat dry dock at St Nazaire,..they ramed the dry dock with an old destroyer full of explosives then took on huge amount of enemy,...my grandad was on this raid.

daniel m (it) wrote: Two dude sing the blues as they struggle to let go of their bromance with their homies. A night out on the town will bring a pot smoking slob and hard working hottie who gets in front of the camera for E for a living. Their drunkeness leaves the lady preggers. To cope she turns to her the an older lady who is tired of her hubby sneaking out to play fantasy baseball. They wine like most beeyatchs will do but their scarcasm works just as their mens do.

Faisal A (us) wrote: For the most part, it is a decent drama, but it has the mother-of-all simplistic endings, that undermine the characters and truly betrays any meaningful substance the movie set up to explore. Samuel L. Jackson is very good and keeps you invested throughout.

Deke P (us) wrote: Natashia so hot! Her monstrosity so scary! Great flick. Saw when it came out. How can these RT scores be so low?? Set in Los Angeles! Great cast of stars. great plot.