10:30 P.M. Summer

10:30 P.M. Summer

A female traveling companion seduces a married man and his alcoholic wife.

Restless married couple Maria and Paul take a road trip through Spain with their friend Claire. While Paul and Claire carry on a clandestine affair, Maria becomes obsessed with a recent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


10:30 P.M. Summer torrent reviews

Jan D (de) wrote: Has anyone seen this?

David K (us) wrote: Stewart doesnt seem to shed her single facial expression and become someone. But the story and the relationship between the character makes the movie enjoyable. Well as enjoyable as a torture prison drama can be....

Greg D (de) wrote: watched the first half and had no desire to keep going with it..

Tom M (es) wrote: Romero still offers some zombie goodness in Survival of the Dead however the formula is getting worn out.

Wahida K (kr) wrote: HOLLY CHRIST! What was I thinking?!! Heaven Bollywood has turned in to a "Hollywood Movie stalker" they copy mostly everything. LOL Sorry but this Movie was a Joke. JESUS CHRIST, I dont know but I laughed my belly off because I couldnt believe what I saw. It was like a spoof of some Hollywood Movie. I mean the stunts and the dialogues and the acting. LOL. You know there are those Home made teenage "Action Movies" on Youtube? I even dont want to rate this Movie.

Cameron T (kr) wrote: A nice one to watch when you have nothing better to do.A fresh rating of 62% "A nice and sometimes emotional movie."

Deke P (gb) wrote: 48 Hours, CBS, 12-26-2015 did 2 hours on a girl convicted of murder who watched this movie and said she wanted to do the same.

Daniel M (au) wrote: Colin Firth is great in this excellent and heart-pounding thriller. What stands out especially is the sexual tension and confusion between the two characters.

Kieran T (de) wrote: Sophia Loren is one crazy ass bitch in this, and i loved her in it. Seriously one second she is 'sir can youa pleasea geta my baga' then the next second she is 'you fucking cunt donta toucha my baga' quality. I watched Bandidas just before i watched this, and Penelope Cruz is indeed very similar to Loren, and im now a big fan of both. De Sica has some talent.

Frank T (kr) wrote: Perhaps the best re-telling of the story of the one-arm swordsman. A gloriously dark story about family, love, revenge, and a boy who lost his arm but found himself (that's corny).

Scott R (mx) wrote: Some pretty groundbreaking scary stuff.