10 Attitudes

10 Attitudes

Story of a jewish man who discovers that his boyfriend of 10 years is cheating on him.

Story of a jewish man who discovers that his boyfriend of 10 years is cheating on him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yingbo Z (nl) wrote: TOM FAHKING 'ARDY...gives a great performance here.

Amilcar A (ru) wrote: As someone that has spent more time in restaurants and thinking about food a lot more than it deserves, I found spinning plates to be a decent documentary about life and society but not a very good one about gastronomy.I'm a firm believer that food is part of your essence. One does not become a foodie at 30. It's something you live, breathe and grow up with. I remember how infuriating it was that my dad didn't care about dinner after a concert. How the hell else would you discuss the symphony? Spinnig Plates does a good job about illustrating why eating out is more than about getting food. It's about experiences and connections. Dining out is a matter of community and socialization more than it is about tasting and drinking. It doesn't matter if you go to the smallest local diner or to the 3 star michelin french restaurant. What this movie could have done better was to talk about what food means in different cultures. Why in Mexico food is central to our lives while in the US it's more about episodes during the day. Why do people eat the way they do? What do they look for in a meal?Regardless, Spinning Plates is a better than average documentary that unfortunately has too many bitter moments. I would have made it less dramatic and perhaps it would have been more enjoyable.

Tom B (ru) wrote: Another London teen niche culture rich UK film.The star of the film is the music, which is dance remixes of Asian music. The story is about a handful of Asian young 20's friends. The main character is a studying accountant desperate to be a DJ. He and his friends are all struggling with their family's expectations and cultures.This film is shot well, quite well acted and caste, slick but takes itself too seriously, lacking humour, class and finesse. It is a short insight into Asian/UK culture, almost like an ITV drama.If you like Noel Clarke's films (Kidulthood) then you will probably enjoy this, I did. It differs from those type of films in that it is more of a drama, being (well becoming) more dramatic and less of a chavvy cool expression, as it actually starts out. I don't know if this worth praising or makes the film fall short of audience expectations.Everywhere and Nowhere, of which the film goes, is a small niche film about a young Asian man who wants to be a DJ, going against his strict father and a small insight into 'life is too short, do what YOU want to do' etc. In amongst the clichs, swearing, drugs, sex and teen rebellion I'm certain there are credible messages.

Cyrene A (gb) wrote: it all started as a revenge of a cop for the death of his fiancee, a cop for his name, and the other cop for his brother's mistaken identity. I admire the story of friendship despite differences and how injustice the world is. I love the fight scenes as well as the dialogs and how the characters, be it the leading or the villain, portrays the part of being their characters..

Matthew J (jp) wrote: The whole film reminds me of the best parts of childhood; friends, gala days at school, and not being afraid of anything.

Haniffa I (us) wrote: been tryin so hard to get the soundtrack!if they even have one!

Adam P (jp) wrote: A bit of a let down for the mediocre franchise. Had it's moments but the special effects and story hurt it. Cute new alien though. Henstridge was gettin a bit long in the teeth anyways.

Mark S (fr) wrote: Stay away from this one. Boring as all hell and doesn't leave you with anything other than an empty feeling.

Kay O (ru) wrote: Fell in love with him here all those years ago..............so nasty as house and still i love him......Joely is also beautiful.......only Rowan A was miscast...... Remembered that i caught this movie when it first came out in 2000 with a date.....didnt see him again after this movie......now when i think about it....he might have thought i was hinting at havin babies with him or sumthin.........stupid boy! I bet he still is.......

Keenan S (ca) wrote: Space Cowboys is an underrated dramedy with an excellent cast. Yes, the plot is rather cliche and would generally result in a very stupid film due to its implausibility, but the cast and stellar writing takes this film above its weak-sounding premise and turns it into a very engaging film. Not only does this film assemble a superb cast of actors, but the chemistry and interactions between the four main actors is often funny and believable. You can tell that they had a lot of fun while making this film, but they also know how to expertly act and deliver in the right areas for whatever a particular scene called for emotionally. I laughed at the hilarious humor, I was thrilled by the action and suspense scenes, and it also had the right amount of emotional moments punctuated with occasional dark humor. It's beyond a shadow of doubt, one of the most underrated dramas I've ever encountered and it's far better than the mediocre user percentage would lead you to believe.

precious20 s (us) wrote: Flag this messageMY FULL LIFE STORYSaturday, August 2, 2008 9:10 AM

Bruce B (nl) wrote: This film came from a collection of pretty lame films, called Drive In Cult Classics Volume 3. 8 movie Collection. Not the worst of the bunch that I have watched so far but I hope its not the best either. A beautiful Vicki Peters who only stared in two movies was stellar, at least her body was. a young lady will do anything for her lover who is in debt, by anything I mean will even kill her father to get the money she thinks is in his will, but surprise the money goes to the sister who now her boyfriend / doctor has the hots for. Very little blood or gore or Mania in this movie. You'll have to watch to see who in the end wins the doctors love and how. ahhhhhh 2 1/2 stars

Robert D (gb) wrote: Bleak 'rubble film' of life for Germans just after the loss of WW2.

Matthew T (jp) wrote: When you get to be a Ziegfeld Girl, there's two ways it can go. You can either be a pissed-up failure like the beautiful Lana Turner, or - if you start out with the talent that no-one can see yet - you become a spunky trouper who ends up stealing the show like Judy. Plus Jimmy Stewart at no extra cost!

Steve M (nl) wrote: The vampire, Count Yorga (Quarry) seemingly sets his sights (and fangs) on every woman he meets, except one, proving a historical fact: In the 1970s, vampires didn't make passes at girls who wear glasses. Meanwhile, their incredibly boring boyfriends try to save by slaying the undead fiend. "Count Yorga, Vampire" is not a movie that's aged well. First off, while the film is more overtly eortic than any older vampire movie I've seen--reflecting the filmmakers attempt to be part of the "sexual revolution"--it's surprisingly unsexy. Also, the flat lighting of most scenes, the indifferent photography, the bland performances n the past of the cast, and complete humorlessness of the proceedings cause this to be a somewhat dull experience that picks up in the film's final 15-20 minutes where the heroes invade Count Yorga's lair and confront him and his white-nightgown-clad vampire brides. This film features the only 1970s vampire sequence that's as unnerving as the basement scene in "Satanic Rites of Dracula"... and the scene where Dr. Hayes has his showdown with Yorga and his vampire brides is also a fabulous bit of filmmaking. Even better, the film features a surprise shock ending that actually works, a truly rare and precious thing. Although you'll have to sit through a predictable and uninteresting first hour, the final third of "Count Yorga, Vampire" will make it worth your while. It's hardly a must-see, but if you enjoy vampire films, you can do worse than this one. Count Yorga, Vampire (aka "The Loves of Count Iorga, Vampire") Starring: Robert Quarry, Roger Perry, Michael MacReady, Donna Anders, Judith Lang and Michael Murphy Director: Bob Kelljan