10 Rules

10 Rules

The 10 Rules comedy tells a story of a shy scientist Marek who falls hopelessly in love with a seemingly inaccessible girl. His friends determined to help him, call Marek’s father, a successful publisher of books on the subject of how to get a woman. Together, they begin to develop a very peculiar course on girl psychology. However, do these 10 sure-fire rules apply exactly as described in the books?

The hero of the new film comedy Marek is a typical example of a young Mimone, living in his own universe. It's smart and kind astrophysics student, whose greatest love is not only stars, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela B (fr) wrote: this was even weirder than the alice in wonderland part of this movie. the jaberwocky was unusual, carol channing was scary as per usual, and the random songs and baby animals were still appearing, making it seem stranger than it was supposed to.

Laura M (ag) wrote: Major "crack up"! Went in not expecting anything and carried along a fun, silly, "show-tune heaven" romp!

Freddie F (br) wrote: Not up to the very high standards John Sayles usually meets. A routine and straight-forward historical drama lacking the bite and insight of his more powerful works. Good performances and production design, but unfortunately lacking depth.

Bill M (nl) wrote: Creepy over sexed old people shenanigans aside this is still a sweet, moving, funny and wonder filled sci-fi drama. An 80's classic.

Robert H (kr) wrote: Continuing my streak of past Best Picture winners, I took the opportunity to watch (for the first time) CHARIOTS OF FIRE. While it's about as unchallenging and "white bread" as you can get for this type of fare, it still remains an inspirational sports drama and character study that explores the reasons behind wanting to achieve greatness. The two points of comparison are Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross) and Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson), the former a British Jew and the latter a Scottish Christian. Both have intensely personal reasons for wanting to win the gold in the 1924 Olympics. Harold is in it for personal achievement as a way to transcend the anti-Semitism he experiences, while Eric runs for God. Although the film sets them up as rivals, they only ever compete against each other once, and not in the Olympics (they are in separate events). This actually works in the film's favor, though, as this allows the audience to root for the success of both. It goes without saying that the acting is all top-notch, and the cast contains a who's-who of famous British actors. Aside from the two leads, you have John Gielgud and Ian Holm in supporting roles as the Master of Trinity and Harold's coach, respectively. Then there's the iconic theme by Vangelis which is certain to inspire you. Even if this film isn't too well remembered, the theme music is, and it's one of the most stirring ever composed. There is also the excellent use of slow motion during the racing scenes. Although it's been parodied and spoofed dozens of times since, here it remains free of irony and is a brilliant way to showcase the physical form of the competitors. The only thing I can think of that really dampens the experience is how simplistic and "safe" the film is. It's not really a surprise that the Academy chose it as the Best Picture for its year, but it could have explored its themes of patriotism and spirituality with a little more depth. The story itself was also very predictable (as sports dramas often are) and its resolution a foregone conclusion. Still, what really makes the film worth watching is what happens in between, the journey to the Olympics that its two leads embark upon. Overall, it's not necessarily the best sports movie I've ever seen (nor the most memorable), but it's a wholesome and endearing film that should appeal to all ages.

John R (it) wrote: 150410: This film goes back to much simpler times. Asner has some good one-liners but, overall, this is a pretty bad flick.

Cody C (gb) wrote: A brilliant film, and people who think it's dumb are dumb

Manuel I (nl) wrote: Thanks to Alfonso Quarn, the franchise got the chance to go towards a scary and adventurous journey through Hogwarts. Saw this movie since it came out and kept watching it since then. The reason why I keep watching it is because of how great it really is.?

rajab k (gb) wrote: Shockingly minus five star garbage

Joey C (it) wrote: Breath taking performances from Redford and Brad Pitt in this sattire of bravery, honor, and the dedication that goes into being a NOC in the Central Intelligence Agency downrange in one of the most dangerous areas in the world.

Borhan K (ag) wrote: Love the Coopers is a lil Christmas flick that has a star-studded cast that tells us a tale of the Cooper family and all their comings and goings and internal individual battles with themselves and with their extended family.The movie is good but not really a comedy it has heart but its a light drama that tells us the story of the importance of love and family and what we have right in front of our faces.Although the movie is PG its kinda dry at times.I did not mind the flick and its a good Christmas movie starter but there are other great Christmas movies out there.

Stewart B (it) wrote: A little creepy in places, but so full of plot holes that it was hard to concentrate. 9/10 for the attempt at a different "twist" but 1/10 for execution of that twist.