10 Years

10 Years

A group of friends reunite ten years after their high-school graduation.

The night before their high school reunion, a group of friends realize they still haven't quite grown up in some ways. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


10 Years torrent reviews

madeitrun r (mx) wrote: Hanya lil' steph yg membuat terpesona seperti di street dance..

Matt C (jp) wrote: Really could of been better with the actors in this film

Heidi M (jp) wrote: nei, ikke helt det store hadde litt strre forventninger men det levde ikke filmen opp til...

Tyler A (us) wrote: ouch talk about jumping the gun, maybe they shoulda been listening to the news and maybe she shoulda kept her dam mouth shut, then buddy wouldn't have jacked her for 50 doses least shes tracking down the scumbag friends who stole there last batch def not Ur reg zombie flick more drama then gore I liked it though

Christopher L (jp) wrote: a bit boring at beginning. then u get to see the lifestyles of the guards of the camp and why they did the tortures they did and the reason for the tortures and killings. must watch if you want to learn more about khmer rouge killer mentality

Daniel U (ru) wrote: The Best movie based on a true story I've seen by far.

Manny M (it) wrote: I highly recommend American Me to any fan of classic Chicano gang movies. It's a story of one's vivid outlook on life behind the bars of a prison cell. going back on one's days as a small time street punk to becoming one of the most highly respected men in L.A.A modern day tale of love, deception and hate, American Me is definitely worth a watch in my book!

Martin B (kr) wrote: Not bad costume comedy drama with always interesting Malcolm McDowell in the leading role as the coward english officer who ends up in trouble whereever he's going.Flashman (McDowell) ends up in german territories that are evolving into a future Germany under the guidance of a young Otto von Bismarck.Our hero (or at least the guy most things evolve around) is finding himself trapped and tries to flee most of the time and the story has got a few nice twists in the plot regarding who to trust and whp's on who's side really.Great Fun. McDowell plays the officer bafoon great and others like Oliver Reed and Britt Ekland to that too. We also see Bob Hopkins and Inspector Morse and people from "Ivanhoe" here and there in small roles.It's not A Clockwork Orange/Oh Lucky Man really, no, it's not, but it's a neat little film

Scott R (mx) wrote: A fun and entertaining romantic comedy. They even went to niagra falls.

Bruno V (es) wrote: Good , not great this one ...enough fun parts , also lots of rubisch of those idiot vilians . It has its good moments....SOMDVD