100 Days Before the Command

100 Days Before the Command

Five young Soviet Army recruits struggle for survival against the merciless violence that surrounds them on a daily basis. Their only means of saving their dignity is by preserving the ...

Five young Red Army recruits struggle for survival against the merciless violence that surrounds them on a daily basis. Their only means of saving their dignity is by preserving the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


100 Days Before the Command torrent reviews

lulu a (es) wrote: it was sooo baad!!!!!

Jammie S (kr) wrote: Obviously I chose poorly with this movie on demand.

Mickaw90 (br) wrote: Typical gangsta movie and it was disappointment. Not even close to Romeo Must Die movie.

ramis v (kr) wrote: great movie great story very good acting etc etc etc

Till H (us) wrote: Heroic bloodshed movie with Joey Wong. According the reviews at HKMDB this one is an "unbelievable story" and a both male actors (Jacky Cheung & Patrick Tam) "don't suit the parts they have been given". It's true that Jacky is not in his best shape but also not doing specifically bad. As for Patrick Tam i am of a different opinion than the reviewers at HKMDV. His part is a great match and one of the things that keeps the movie going. As for the overall story i also don't see why it's supposed to be unbelievable. The only thing that i don't believe is that Joey is a deejay but that's rather funny (and therefore a positive). Her love affair with Jacky is more like a background thing within the whole frame of the movie but besides that she is doing a great job. Confronting Patrick finding out that he assassinated her father she (believably) gets furious thowing him out before she breaks down in despair. Very enjoyable (and believable) character is also Uncle Min (Kenneth Tsang Kong) a drop-out mafioso who turned good and who also plays Patrick's father and Jacky's Stepfather. Also very enjoyable characters are the competing assassins "Puma" (Ken Lo Wai) and his mucle-chick-partner "Lily". The main quality of the movie though, are in it's overall aesthetic, the low production which contributes to a specific and charmingly, the slighly trashy atmosphere and the situation between the three "good assassins" and Joey which the movie portraits. That is: What happens if the brother of your friend is the killer of your father and you're taken as a bait by a competing killer who wants to take revenge on your friend because he mistakes him for someone else? ... You will see. It's not so bad.

Brett C (us) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:The Vanishing is the story of a woman who suddenly disappeared and her friend, after 3 years of searching, starts to receive postcards from a mysterious person.I found the plot of the film to be potentially intriguing, sadly it failed to keep me interested due to its unfocused characters and the lack of tension during the bulk of the film's first hour. To clarify, the setting up of the film's complication was certainly interesting and it did help set up the film's suspense and mystery which would then benefit the latter half of the film. The issue is found during the film's second act, going back and forth between the film's two protagonists, detailing both their contemporary and past stories. Both had the potential to be thoroughly interesting as exploring Rex's obsession would have allowed me to get in deep with the character, and informing us of Raymond's life and the methods he uses are definitely fascinating ideas, but the film skims both of these stories, almost as if it wants to just get to the superior third act and deliver that excitement that the former half had been lacking.As I have noted, the film's strength lies in its third act, maintaining an elevated sense of tension throughout and resolving it with a sequence that was certainly unexpected, though slightly underwhelming, but only slightly mind you. It was truly fascinating uncovering more and more details that would help us solve the mystery.The Vanishing definitely shows more positives than its negatives but I cannot say that this film is as great as most say it is. Definitely watch this for the last forty minutes alone.

Timothy D (gb) wrote: Funny movie. Captain Lou Albano steals the film from the established stars.

Grant K (de) wrote: Long, horrifying, dark, disturbing and timeless, this is classic cinema.

Jagruti S (mx) wrote: Awesome. Just superb. I do not get tired of watching again and again

Kevin C (us) wrote: Superior heist family anchored by Jack Hawkins strong lead, angry at a country he feels owes him for his service. A solid cast and some great lines make for an excellent example of the type of film the British used to do so well.