100 Lies to Hide a Wife

100 Lies to Hide a Wife


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100 Lies to Hide a Wife torrent reviews

Magnus S (ag) wrote: From director Kevin Smith. Promising set up but rather messy.

Claudia F (mx) wrote: Are you a woman? Have you ever heard about Alice Pauls and Lucy Burns? If not, please watch "Iron Jawed Angels"... right now!

Josh P (es) wrote: Watching this dance-flick seems like a clean-hard trying-dance career version of Showgirls (1995).

Greg W (kr) wrote: Rublev was a minor icon-painter of the early 1400s. Tarkovsky re-imagines him as a Christ-like cypher for the sufferings of a divided Russia under the Tartar invaders.

Megumi Y (kr) wrote: BB very cute, a magic, and what else. . . I prefer au revoir les enfants.

taylor (es) wrote: It made be laugh so hard in some parts I couldt breath. The only thing is that buged me about this movie was James Garner I dont know what it is but in some parts he buges the heck out of me. Still love it thoe. Besides that this movie is a great movie.

Lisa B (br) wrote: what the hell was that about? surreal. not a good film. weird.

Brian S (mx) wrote: I do not hold this to be one of the greatest movie Westerns--I found it quite bland, actually. kinda sad, considering this is supposed to be the OK Corral story....the shoot-out scene pales in comparison to even some of Ford's other work. Henry Fonda gives a very Henry Fonda performance, and he gets too wound up being a good guy to give in to much conflict--you know, the death of his brothers and his entire herd of cattle being stolen. no big deal or anything. the love stories aren't that intriguing because Chihuahua's just a typical barroom Miss Kitty, and Clementine shows up out of nowhere, repelling Doc and attracting Earp for vague and innocuous reasons. Walter Brennan, in a rare villainous role, could have been engaging if he had more than 5 minutes of screen time. overall, I didn't think this film was anything special. all you really need to know--it's a John Ford Western and he's done better.

Dave S (ru) wrote: I loved the first two but this one is a complete dud, save for the great chemistry between Morita and Macchio. A rehash of the first movie. Daniel gets his butt whupped a few times, Morita steps in yet again and drops everyone before finally agreeing to train his student. As for the romantic angle, Shue and Tomita were great in the second movie but Robyn Lively is awful here. Only Thomas Ian Griffith brings something new to the table, albeit a bit over the top

Kay D (nl) wrote: Another standout in the class of best "re-watchables" of all time.

Dena S (ca) wrote: sinatra is wonderfull and kelly is a delight!!

Jolie B (nl) wrote: Not the greatest horror movie I've ever seen. Plenty of old, worn out themes propping up a not-so-great plot. It was okay for killing a little time, but not something I'd add to my collection.