100% Love

100% Love

When his cousin Mahalakshmi comes to stay, Balu is challenged to an extent rare in his charmed life. Will Balu let himself be seduced by Mahalakshmi's bubbly spirit and sharp brain, or will his ego prove an insurmountable barrier?

100% Love Balu is a brilliant student and always tops his class. Maha Lakshmi comes from a village and stays in Balu's house to do her graduation in the same college. Balu has the typical ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian W (jp) wrote: Really good movie and shows you how baseball works behind the scenes.

Megan G (it) wrote: only saw the 1st, the 1st seems better than the others look, lol

bill s (au) wrote: S--------l------o-------w B-------u------Zzzzzzzzz-ahhh just forget it.

dan b (it) wrote: Not as exciting as the title would lead you to believe, the chess scene with Roddy McDowall is pretty amusing though.

Michael M (jp) wrote: You know a film has issues when you find yourself rooting for the dinosaurs to kill the obnoxious daughter of the 'hero'. The 3G dinos look worse than the much older Jurassic Park and i would have preferred Harryhausen to have done them, as he at least could animate. Even copying the velociraptors in the lab wholesale doesn't help this films crappy effects. The plot has so many holes in it that I assume all the gunfire in the film must have have ricocheted off the dinos and hit the scriptwriter instead. This might explain why every single time a dino is shot it seems impervious, but not why one is knocked out by the obnoxious daughter wielding a hockey stick. Some films are worth watching because they are so bad they are fun, this isn't one of them.

Patrick S (jp) wrote: Awful cheese but amazing all at once!