100 Years of Evil

100 Years of Evil

Did Adolf Hitler survive WWII and live on under an assumed identity? Norwegian researcher Skule Antonsen sides with Spanish documentary filmmaker Idelfonso Elizalde to follow in the footsteps of Adolf Munchenhauser, a Hitler look alike captured by the Allied forces in Berlin 1945. When Munchenhauser is released from Camp Rebecca in 1946, a secret prison camp in the Nevada Desert, he decides to stay in the U.S. Skule digs into Munchenhausers life and hears a lot of stories, but none of them reveal his real identity. Is it possible that Adolf Munchenhuser really was Adolf Hitler? As Skule digs deeper for the truth it becomes clear that there are powerful forces that will do anything to stop him.

Did Adolf Hitler survive WWII and live on under an assumed identity? Norwegian researcher Skule Antonsen sides with Spanish documentary filmmaker Idelfonso Elizalde to follow in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (es) wrote: Something of an arthouse heartwarmer... Those commissions of the New Crowned Hope festival released in the UK so far have opened up all manner of horizons, but this is the entry that - with its interplay between human, natural and superhuman elements, and Ghobadi's obvious affection for the music-makers - you feel Mozart would have most enjoyed himself.

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Matthew B (mx) wrote: Maybe it was just too late to start watching this, but this movie failed to keep my attention. The great Shannyn Sossamon really held my attention during this movie, but not enough to have me finish it out. The Crash/Babel type multi-narrative pieces are starting to lose their appeal for this movie watcher.

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Barry L (it) wrote: Hair stylist writes poetry about her dead boyfriend in this predictable urban drama.

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Brian B (de) wrote: Based on the novel by Walter Wager, "Telefon" has not aged well because it(TM)s so dependent on the cold war tension that existed between the USSR and the US in the Seventies. The film is basically a cat-and-mouse game with Soviet agent Major Grigori Borzov (Charles Bronson, that's right Bronson is a commie) tracking rogue Russian scientist Nicolai Dalmchimsky (Donald Pleasence) across America to prevent him from activating sleeper agents. Borzov is assisted by Barbara (Lee Remick. fresh from "The Omen") who asks more annoying questions than necessary, leading the audience to believe she may not be completely true to the motherland. The film's middle section is dragged down by repetitive bomb scares. Dalmichimsky is working from outdated intelligence so his targets are all de-classified U.S. Military installations. Once Borzov realizes the pattern and hones in the next target the action shifts to a more linear chase that(TM)s further heightened by Barbara(TM)s loyalties. But the ultimate showdown is deflating because beyond some silly disguises Pleasence's Dalmichimsky is never built up to be a threat. Director Don Siegel uses his flair for montage to craft a his action sequences without dialogue. "Telefon" is a road movie, much like Alfred Hitchcock's "Saboteur" and "North by Northwest" had their leads criss-crossing America here we see plenty of seventies architecture including San Francisco's Hyatt Regency Hotel (used in "The Towering Inferno") and a modernist house resting on top of a barren rock outcropping. The supporting cast is uniformly good (but trapped in underwritten roles), and it(TM)s nice to see veteran character actors Alan Badel and Patrick Magee playing snotty KGB strategists, and Tyne Daly in a small (and ultimately irrelevant role) as a computer geek.Trivia note: The poem that activates the Russian sleeper agents was used by Quentin Tarantino in "Death Proof" as the lines Jungle Julia has her listeners recite to Butterfly. The lines are an excerpt of the poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost. "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep."

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Tim D (jp) wrote: A decent watch even if uncomfortable at times. John Cusack really nails these type of characters as he did in The Paperboy. Based on a true story. Not full of action but very psychological and interesting enough to keep you watching

Benito R (ag) wrote: Just way too much drama and emotion for this to be successful. The mother issues and the daughter issues of the main characters was a great play, but only accomplishing a confusing and unsatisfying conclusion.