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100 Years of Horror

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Planet C (jp) wrote: Mr. Lazarescu's death on this film would always be one of the most intriguing death in modern day cinema.

Walter M (fr) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Private" a Palestinian family is not only living in the battlefield of the occupied West Bank but now they must face the additional indignity of having the Israeli army occupy their house. The army gets the second floor(under no circumstances are the family to venture there) and the family must stay downstairs. After dark, they are confined to the living room. For the father, Mohammed, a learned, dignified man, being a refugee would be worse and he insists on staying.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Private" is a tense drama with realistic situations. The film boils the whole Arab-Israeli conflict down to a microcosm of a single house being occupied. Through the character of the father, other ways are suggested of fighting the Israeli army than violence. And the individual soldiers are not shown as being the villains.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Georgia][color=navy]In "Down to the Bone", Irene(Vera Farmiga) is a mother to two young sons and wife to a construction worker. She works as a cashier at a supermarket in upstate New York. She is also addicted to cocaine. And she has been using since high school. After one particularly embarrassing attempt to buy drugs fails, she realizes she needs help and enters rehab.[/color][/font][font=Georgia][color=#000080][/color][/font] [font=Georgia][color=#000080]"Down to the Bone" covers some familiar ground but does so in a totally unglamorous way. The movie does not offer any easy answers or solutions. The movie is anchored by a very strong performance by Vera Farmiga.[/color][/font]

Ray C (ca) wrote: Wow, this looked like an 80's B movie and the production values were even lower. Not even unintentionally funny. Terrible creature.

Rodri C (ru) wrote: excelente!! muy buen policial

Scott W (br) wrote: Starts out slow, but the laughs pick up as you go on. The funniest character is definitely Fred Willard's clueless announcer, and his scene with Bob Balaban made me laugh pretty hard. I can't help but compare it with Waiting for Guffman, which had many of the same actors, and for me this one wasn't quite as funny or enjoyable. But it has enough laughs to make it worth the 90 minutes.

Thomas B (fr) wrote: Grade - BDespite the end not being explained particularly well and a lack of character development throughout, 'The Ring' supports an intriguing mystery and showcases some good performances as well as being a visual treat throughout.

Barry T (au) wrote: Amazing and i cant belive i hadnt seen it before! Olman and Molina were excellant as was the always fantastic Redgrave. Sad but wonderful

Ashley D (jp) wrote: Troll is an OK movie. I would say it is family friendly at some parts. At points in the movie it i just plain old boring and stupid and just makes no sense at all but at other times the movie is funny and enjoyable.

Thomas P (it) wrote: A cheeky but ultimately moral tale about the blessing of groundedness and 'reliability'. The portraits are winning, and the coming and goings of domestic life in Japan during the 1950s are mesmerising. As a window in to a beautiful culture the film succeeds, even if the storyline is more straightforward.

lucy w (kr) wrote: Pure WWII propaganda, but still an interesting movie thanks to its excellent actors (Greer Garson is terrific) and its "Britishness" (who would've said that British were so crazy about roses?). A great classic.

Zach M (ru) wrote: Not the worst comedy I have ever seen. Vincent Vaughn and Jean Reno were good and the rest of the cast were fine.

Private U (jp) wrote: en af de drligeste film ever