Tells the seemingly random yet vitally connected story of a set of incidents that all converge one evening at 11:14pm. The story follows the chain of events of five different characters and five different storylines that all converge to tell the story of murder and deceit.

The events leading up to an 11:14 PM car crash, from five very different perspectives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


11:14 torrent reviews

Andr D (br) wrote: Un insufrible cuento sobre amores perdidos, venganzas, reencarnacion y karma, aderezado con numerosas coreografias musicales de las que se destaca una pieza disco. Todos los que sientan algo de afinidad hacia Bollywood, pueden verla. Los demas huyan!

Kareem S (mx) wrote: Great Film ... It covers the story of messed up marriages, broken families and bisexuality ... Its rich with drama ... magnificent screenplay ... Didn't like the editing technique, it really messed up most of the film... Great shooting locations...good music and Incredible Leads ... They were really great ...!! Its overall a great film ...Very touching and painful.

jarrad b (gb) wrote: Interesting movie about the movie business, crazy people with crazy ego's. Good to see De Niro being half decent again.

Sol C (de) wrote: The trailer for the film looks really good, but the film itself could have been so much better. The Prestige and The Illusionist were much better films than this one. This one lacks the style that those 2 films had. I think another director could have made this film, to be much better than it already is. Also I thought it was a little unfocused and needed a rewrite.On the positive the acting in the film is very good. Everyone is well cast. Guy Pearce does a great job as Houdini. He has a great on screen chemistry with Catherine Zeta Jones. Saoirse Ronan does a great job in this film. She has a great on screen chemistry with Jones.Despite the flaws and the fact that it isn't as good as The Prestige or The Illusionist, I still recommend this film, especially for the performances of Pearce, Jones, and Ronan.

Teresa S (kr) wrote: (2001 Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith) ok Another of my Easter week reviews..Michael York (John the Baptist-) plays the anti-CHrist in this move...quite convincingly!! I am a big fan of (Blade, the Killing Field).

Jouni K (gb) wrote: Quite decent action flick directed by the man himself.

Phil H (mx) wrote: The third film in Michael Douglas' sex trilogy, this has always kinda amazed me really seeing as the guy is hardly good looking. Yet I remember this film well upon release, the films poster was raunchy and everybody was talking about the sex scene with Demi Moore. The films main plot was also a big talking point, sexual harassment of a man in the workplace...by a higher grade woman. A concept that was deemed to be impossible and rather un-PC.In all honesty the film was pretty much sold on that one sex scene. But it wasn't even a sex scene, it was more rough and dirty, clearly made to be scandalous and edgy, and it worked. I can't deny its a sexy sequence especially with Moore's provocative and dominating dialog at the same time...'you just lie back and let me be the boss'. This film really brought Moore to my attention. Her dominance and bitchy attitude is incredibly sexy and could easily cause any man a huge moral dilemma, and I guess that is the entire point.After this scene the plot gets nasty as Moore's real character is exposed and she tries everything in her power to bring Douglas' character down. Its all about lies, accusations, trust and mainly power, who has the power, are women as powerful as men in business? or do they actually have more power?. Its an interesting premise which works well and does open your eyes somewhat. Does this happen in reality? to be honest I'm sure it does as in this modern age equality laws for the sexes can easily swing in favour of the female in cases just like this (evidence depending). Bottom line it can/could be very easy for a female in the work place to cause a lot of trouble for a man without the need for immediate hard evidence.As for the film, I think its very good, it grips you and makes you feel uncomfortable. Personally I felt quite nervous throughout the whole film, it really did make me squirm, kudos to everybody involved for that achievement. I also felt compassion for Douglas' character, I wanted him to succeed and prove himself innocent, the direction and performances are very good and all help in locking you in with the plot. Moore really does the powerful bitch role well, its hard to like her here despite the fact most men would have let her 'rape' them in that one sex scene (I know I would have).Its a performance driven film and I think everyone nails it. Sutherland as ever is well cast as the boss, never sure whether he is up to something, always looking kinda shifty, a corporate boss who appears friendly on the outside but cold and merciless on the inside. Kudos must also go to Roma Maffia as Douglas' lawyer, I think her performance is the best in the film!. Her character knows how to play the game, she gives you the viewer confidence, she relaxes you because you know she knows what she's doing, plus she looks like a lawyer too.I'm sure many people will be able to relate to situations like this in their own work place. I think the whole atmosphere of taking sides, rumours, the little digs, plotting, wild accusations, betrayal, the private chats with superiors etc...all are created well within the film, its quite grounded and realistic if you ask me.I think this film ranks highly alongside 'Fatal Attraction', that film exposed the possible flaws in equality between the sexes on the homefront (trust issues), whilst this film exposes it in the workplace. A very good tense legal thriller set completely within the professional world where men supposedly reign supreme. Add some gritty sex, gritty dialog and some fancy visual technology effects (amusingly dated now) and you have a decent drama.

Anders A (fr) wrote: Christian Bale carrying a movie as a youngster, showing the confinements of what he shall become. The movie itself plays out on a rather interesting point of view of the WW2. From e foreign perspective in Shanghai, as China goes under Japanese controll, Bale and Malkovich among others are captured in a prisoncamp. Endurance is gold.

Harim K (br) wrote: this is lame in that all of the 'tragic' events can be attributed to some dumb boy trying on a confederate soldier's hat he found in the river and then NOT TAKING IT OFF even as he gets dragged into war by accident. his wearing the hat costs three family members' lives (including the implied brutal rape of a new mom) and his own good leg.

Mara B (ca) wrote: In this installment, Charlie Chan is revealed to be an opera fan and he works diligently to find the killer of two singers in the fictitious opera, 'Carnival', composed for the movie by Oscar Levant. Of course nothing is as it seems as is revealed in the end by the wise Chan. Stage manager's comment that the opera will go on "even if Frankenstein walks in" is a cute in-joke referring to Karloff's former starring role.

Jenn T (jp) wrote: The dialogue was great in this film, although I'm not sure if I should be giving the credit to Edger Allen Poe or the screen writer. Interesting film though. Worth checking out.

Abdulmalik A (it) wrote: It is a nonstop cliche.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Cameron Crowe aims for the Disney audience with this obvious-as-a-grammar school play crowd pleasing story about a single dad trying to raise his coming of age difficult children. I've actually given the whole film away by now except for the cute animal instagrams spread throughout. It was interesting to see Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson cover more down to earth material than the fantasy that is so prevalent nowadays, and both actors seem to warm to the presentation as well. One aspect Crowe nails is how aggravating teens are to everyone, quite without the artifice of most productions.

Pablo G (de) wrote: 2.4/5The movie constantly struggles to innovate once in a while under a very shitty found footage light. The Jerusalem setting and tourism aspect does give the movie this new deeper and more interesting feel than most american found footage that have very little to show, but it stumbles upon clichs and some plain retarded script moments that will leave anyone baffled. It kind of feels like a sort of breath of fresh air in the found footage genre, just a kind of swampy, kind of bitter and ultimately unsatisfying breath that replaces the usual shit smell with harsh vinegar.