Too much celebrating after scoring the year's biggest story leads to 24 missing hours in the life of photojournalist Aaron Doherty. Awakening in a wheat field with no memory of the previous day, Aaron struggles to account for the gap. Sent back in time when the phenomenon recurs, the progressively disoriented Aaron is left to untangle the vast political conspiracy that's behind it all.

A jaded yet driven news photojournalist wakes up in the middle of nowhere and tries to piece together the events of the last 24 hours . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (fr) wrote: This is a clever movie, albeit one with a few flaws, that tells the story of an impoverished young filmmaker who becomes obsessed by the idea that John Lennon is alive and well and living very quietly in the depths of Ontario in Canada. Tim, the filmmaker, is supposed to be editing a movie by his girlfriend Kathleen but quickly persuades her to team up with him as they try to track down "Lennon". The film cracks along at a decent pace and before long our intrepid due have found two aging men with Liverpudlian accents who live together in a farmhouse. One of them happens to be an accomplished musician. The duo reacts badly when Tim knocks on the door, so when they're out he sneaks into the house and covers it with a series of remote cameras he can monitor from a nearby motel. Meanwhile, through a happy coincidence, Kathleen meets the supposed Lennon character and starts visiting the farmhouse every day with hidden microphones to record the action. He certainly sounds as though he could be Lennon and certainly sings with the same voice. Tim is convinced he has struck paydirt and starts fanatasising about how much CNN will pay him for the story. To make absolutely sure it really is Lennon, Tim persuades Kathleen to spend the night in the farmhouse in the hope she can catch sight of the mystery man naked and see if he has the scars from the bullets that supposedly killed him all those years ago. I won't give away the ending but it doesn't disappoint. The reason I only give this 70 percent is that the acting isn't great and neither Tim or Kathleen really seem to get into the souls of their characters. There are also some awkward plot twists which break up the action. That said, Let Him Be is an awful lot better than most other movies out there right now.

Matt R (br) wrote: This is a B slasher that truly embraces its B, often in hysterical fashion. Do NOT take it seriously, and you may have some fun.

Becky B (jp) wrote: One I do enjoy a lot!

Kevin B (fr) wrote: Awesome rock documentary about 2 bands that have a very different definition of success.

Bob W (br) wrote: Famous author of the 20th century, especially the Cost of Discipleship. The true story behind his motivations and convictions. I enjoy his writings very much and found this documentary fascinating and helpful. As a person of faith, how would you have responded to Hitler's insanity?

Ralph R (kr) wrote: Toe jam does not do this justice. Can you imagine what Rosie O'Donnel's insides look like? Well, if you cannot, the blood gnomes are a spittin image.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Looks homely, good casting might tempt me to watch....

Adam D (it) wrote: a very entertaining courtroom comedy movie

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Could be worth a look interesting story there.

Dave H (ca) wrote: This film rocks! Perhaps, in the second half, there is a tad too much romance and melodrama (and necessary plot!) compared to the delightful comedy and political (mostly anti-Commie) satire. A bit stagey, of course, but the script is flawless and fast-moving, and pulled off perfectly by the leads - a perfect study in contrast. Garbo is a buttoned-up riot right up until she (yes) laughs, and after this the film becomes less comic and more dramatic - but Ms. Garbo remains endearing. The dialogue is arguably the most consistently sharp of any pre-40s film, not surprising considering Billy Wilder had a hand in the writing of it, and Ernst Lubitsch in the directing of it. Here's a sample: "The last mass trials have been a great success. There are going to be fewer but better Russians." And this exchange: Leon: "Ninotchka, you like me just a little bit?" Ninotchka: "Your general appearance is not distasteful." Leon: "Thank you." Ninotchka: "The whites of your eyes are clear. Your cornea is excellent." Now THAT'S a pick-up line.

Hank G (br) wrote: A visual treat that aspires to reach the match the artistic excellence of Turner's massive body of work. It appropriately focuses on Turner's later years, during which he remained active and produced some of his best work. Turner did not go gentle into that good night. This is a muscular robust portrait that is not immediately accessible but perseverance is rewarded. It provides insight into his artistic process and key relationships with his father and the landlady who became his final companion.

Tommy M (ag) wrote: 8/10... A must for all footie fans!!