Office employee Barry Thomas is caught in a "time bounce" caused by a glitch in the company's secret project. Now the same day occurs again and again - and Barry's the only one who can do anything about it, including saving the life of beautiful research assistant Lisa Fredericks.

Barry Thomas is the average office worker. He becomes attracted to Lisa Fredericks who works in the same company. After work, Barry witnesses the murder of Lisa and goes to a bar to get ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


12:01 torrent reviews

Pedro J (gb) wrote: No words can describe this achievement.

Dan L (mx) wrote: Next movie of the night.....almost entirely shot in Kings Cross.....good movie also

Dave M (kr) wrote: Boring and the two ofThem are completely underused

Krisspics M (mx) wrote: So bad, so clich that ... this is good (as shark attack 3, house 4 or jason X)A movie to see with friend and of caurse A pizza.orWith a ice cream ;)Were are Pish food

Theodora K (br) wrote: This IMAX film was awesome. It took my breath away and the narration was great. It's only 40-45 minutes long but worth it and watching it on the IMAX screen gave me goose bumps.

Tom S (ca) wrote: No great moral lessons here but the performances are a real "wow." I had no idea that Renee and Catherine had this kind of show-power.

Marjeta M (fr) wrote: Fun in a 'this is terrible' kind of way.

Steven J (ru) wrote: Dead Man is not for everyone but those willing to meet the film on it's own terms will find a funny, quriky and well made movie, along with great performances and a great soundtrack from Neil Young. A unique movie.

Daniella G (ag) wrote: i thought ALL the spanish horror movies were great until I saw this lame nun coming out of a toilet SERIOUSLY? Worst movie ever, the story is really lame and the actors are from spain but they speak english in the movie, it doesn't sound right to me.

Another V (mx) wrote: An interesting period of history was brought to life, from an ancient Hebrew perspective.The story seems overall to follow the Biblical tale, with some details added in, including the depiction of God appearing to Moses as a young boy, which is not how I previously imagined God appearing. This movie is a reminder that there are many ways to interpret a story.The movement of a large number of people on their exodus from slavery toward a new homeland is a dramatic event. The depiction of the Red Sea crossing was fairly well done.

Jeffrey N (gb) wrote: It doesn't surprise me that, after-the-fact, I found out that this movie was directed by Noah Baumbach. The direction is unique, painfully slow at times (intentionally) and physically makes me squirm in my chair while watching because the uncomfortable things happening to the characters in this movie are entirely too real. Mid-life crisis is an understatement here. A man so arrogant that he believes he's better and deserving of so much more than he's received in life, which has turned to pure bitterness. At the same time, that bitterness is tempered with sporatic episodes of maturity and responsibility. That dichotomy results in very schizophrenic behavior toward the friends and family he loves. At times he's defensive of the mistakes he's made that brought him to the misery he is currently experiencing, while he also calms down and realizes that he shouldn't blame and that he, in fact, is causing his own misery. It's painful to watch and so uncomfortable to the viewer, especially me who experiences bouts of the same thing every now and then (though to a lesser extent). One almost has to be older to appreciate what this movie is saying, but even those open to its content have to also get past the brutal way Noah brings it to the screen. The Squid and the Whale was depressing enough. It makes me wonder how depressed Noah is to consistently present this much raw pain. However, what makes the movie is its optimistic, and sweet, ending.

Joel A (br) wrote: Despite its gross exaggeration of Greek People it's an undeniably cheerful romance that easy watching & just a bit of harmless fun.The story of single 30 year old Greek woman who meets an American man & falls madly in love. The comedy lies in the crossing of culture & traditional differences.Growing up with many Greeks I appreciated many of the culture jokes but they where often exaggerated. All in all a fun easy watching romance comedy with a sequel only weeks away.

Jack P (fr) wrote: A classic film about keanu reeves hunting down a group of bank robbers. Excellent film with insane stunts and patrick swayze plays a convincing villain. Point break is a classic 90s action film that cant be missed.