12:01 PM

12:01 PM

Kurtwood Smith plays Myron Castleman, an everyman who keeps repeating the same hour of his life, from 12:01 PM to 1:00 PM.

A man is stuck living his life in the same 59 minute time frame. He tries various methods of finding out why, eventually consulting a physicist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (br) wrote: Dano is stunning, in a meandering, yet powerful film

Jenn M (au) wrote: I had high hopes for this.....but all it was was toilet humour and jokes and a mix of celebrity cameos. Halfway though, I still didn't see the point, or the the plot to be honest

Jeff J (jp) wrote: Literally couldn't get through 1/2 of it. The story was so stupid, infuriatingly stupid.

Aliya D (fr) wrote: It's borderline sacchrine sweet... Opal Dream is an endearing story in the tradition of E.T. that can be equally enjoyed by young and old alike. The plot might be a little slow and challenging for some younger children and adults but the implications of this mythic tale from Down-Under are exquisitely subtle and absolutely fascinating. Surely this bittersweet tale of transition from childhood to adolescence will generate much thought in viewers of all ages. What is real and what is imaginary? How important are illusions? Is anything we think as "real" really that or an illusion? Do any of us really know for sure?

Fiona M (es) wrote: Funny, stupid comedy

Yoav Y (kr) wrote: The best thing about this movie isn't Heather Gaham - it's Heather Graham nude for about a third of the movie... Other than that - starts nicely, but lost me at aound the middle, nothing special whatsoever.

xGary X (jp) wrote: WWII romance that plays like a Mills and Boon novel. Ford and Down make a very handsome couple though, and the stiff upper-lipped derring do behind enemy lines is efficiently handled.

Eger T (ca) wrote: Absolutely astonishing!