During the Sarikamis Battle, the Ottoman army runs out of ammunition and appeals to the people of Van for help, who happen to have supplies. However, the First World War is on and all men are fighting at four corners of the empire and therefore can not respond to to the appeal. The young children of Van want to do something...

During the Sarikamis Battle, the Ottoman army runs out of ammunition and appeals to the people of Van for help, who happen to have supplies. However, the First World War is on and all men ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dsire S (de) wrote: VERY Catholic mother who is trying to deal with her not so perfect family (in the eyes of the church)

Gretchen W (ru) wrote: It has taken the number one spot for the dumbest dam movie I have watched all year.

Rip V (ca) wrote: Darkly funny, raunchy, nasty and sometimes uncomfortable, but Seth Rogen, along with a bunch of other celebrities, is able to make an infectious choreography.

Hulys Z (it) wrote: Ne cherchez pas l'intrigue.

Meelan L (fr) wrote: One Of the Best ever made in Bollywood!!!! Presentation is really WOW!!! The way the director present the songs is out of this world. Hats off for that!!

Remy C (nl) wrote: +Not a bad Agent 47+Occasional humor-Story felt like it took its time

M P (gb) wrote: sorry to say but the theatrical version is inferior to the directors cut. beautiful army scenes and large angry emotions with political machinations.

Mandela W (mx) wrote: I've learned over the years about many serial killers such as Aileen Wournos, Richard Ramirez, Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and more. I had thought these kind of killers were exclusively in America but Russia seemingly had their own share of killers too in Andrei Chikatillo. He was a vicious brutal killer who shocked the entire soviet nation. Citizen X is a great film that brings us back to the time when Russia didn't want to admit they had notorious criminals as well. viktor burakov is a foresnics expert who gets several dead bodies sent his way one day. This alarms burakov enough to tell col Mikail fetisov and other members of the union but only festisov believes him. In response to this danger Fetisov promotes Burakov to detective and puts him in charge of finding out the killer who was revealed to be Andrei Chikatillo. this Tv film explores the decade long investigation and attempt to catch Chikatillo who murdered over 53 women and children.Very well adapted script. It was very honest or at least tried to be. fantastic directing by chris gerlomo and great music here too. the film does a great job of capturing the pain and heavy effect these murders had on the country at a time where Russians all believed that they were immune to mass serial killer activity. It also shows how much Russia was going on pride and stubbornness to handle this situation the way they wanted to instead of going through the real proper procedure for this kind of chaos. I couldn't believe a psychiatrist was able to make a man crack and not interogators in a matter of 7 hours. That is impressive!The only thing I didn't like in the film was that Donald sutherland's Russian accent was all over the place he never could center it to one straight sure shot accent. It kept going back and forth between british and Russian. However he did reach the heart of this character who kind of jumps back and forth between an ally and enemy. Stephen rea's accent on the other hand was very good. Viktor is the only one with some sense here in this cruel system the soviets put in place. I was happy when he finally got somewhere in the 90's with the killer. Fantastic work from Rea. Jeffery dumunn did an amazing job. I couldn't believe this was the same guy from the walking dead. He played Andrei chikatillo so well and portrayed a scared man with hidden rage. Its insane how long the soviets practically let this man kill innocents its actually sickening and disgraceful that they let their soviet pride get in the way of proper justice. Citizen X is an impactful piece of work that I know HBO is proud of to this day.

Filipe C (gb) wrote: Despite a masterfully written screenplay that thrives on themes primal to human nature, it is Paul Newman's minimalistic performance and never-ending talent that makes Cool Hand Luke into a tale for the ages. Powered by Conrad Hall's breathtaking photography, Rosenberg's film showcases the power of simplicity in what very well may be considered a kind of southern-gothic new wave.

Alexander P (mx) wrote: The odd moment of amusing male tomfoolery can't save this dull, predictable 80s comedy. 5/10.

Stafford V (ag) wrote: One of the worst comic book adaptions of all time.

Sahara K (it) wrote: OMG! This brings back momories. I first had to watch a few vids on this website to make sure it WAS the movie that i watched as i child. Really sad and i love the scene when Snoopy fights with Linus over the blacket, funny yet also upsetting as they are both trying to hurt each other. Nowadays you don't see that kind of violence. and indeed once you see it when your older i.e older than 10 you realize that there are some adult themes. Good film to enjoy when you need a heartwaming moment and the return of old memories.