13 Gantry Row

13 Gantry Row

When newlyweds Peter and Julie purchase an old house with plans to renovate it, they begin to discover the strangest things. First, they find one of the living room walls covered with iron plates that reveal an expanding sepia stain. Afterwards, they realize that the stain is beginning to take the shape of a man climbing from the darkness under the house. Whenever they paint over the stain, it reappears. The evil events that took place in the house 100 years prior, are becoming the cause of strange occurrences. Soon, the couple is directly threatened by the evil history of their home.

After buying a house, a woman's life is threatened by sinister events that occurred in the house a century previously. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve G (fr) wrote: This was actually better than I expected. Above average direction. Could've been scarier, but the requisite spooky atmosphere-factor is well-represented.

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