13 Hours in a Warehouse

13 Hours in a Warehouse

As five underworld heavies settle in for an all night stay at an abandoned warehouse and former film studio, a series of bizarre and unsettling occurrences quickly lead them to believe they are not alone. It was supposed to be a simple night of babysitting a single hostage, but when a series of numbers began to appear on the walls things soon took a dark turn. Later, after the hostage escapes, the perplexed thugs not only learn that there is a rat in the ranks, but also discover the unsettling nature of the films that were shot in the warehouse. Now, as terror takes hold, the thieves are about to discover that they are being stalked from the shadows and that their odds of living to see daybreak are shrinking with each passing minute.Written by Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

As five underworld heavies settle in for an all night stay at an abandoned warehouse and former film studio, a series of bizarre and unsettling occurrences quickly lead them to believe they... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Austin B (au) wrote: Fantastic 80's action throwback.

Dave M (us) wrote: So bad it's good. Terrible acting and dodgy CGI but I managed to sit through the whole movie. Would've been better as a comedy I think.

Timm S (us) wrote: The Spiritual Illusion From Within Is Really A Fascinating Journey To Behold.. I Do Feel For The Participants In This Experiment, But It Is A Real Eye-Opener On How The Belief System Of A Person Can Be Melded & Swayed Any Which Way...Unless You Have A Core Self-Belief That Initially Questions What Is Being Told To You. The Harsh Moral I Would Say Here Is Taking Things Purely On Face Value Alone Will Always Leave You Open To Difficulty Later On. Thinking For Yourself Is A Good Thing.

Jack W (br) wrote: Hobo with a Shotgun is incredibly gory, gruesome and violent yet pointless, uninspired and implausible.

Zachary B (ag) wrote: There is just something I adore about socially conscious docs. Information is power and power is more valuable than money, something the greedy land developers in this flick should have learned. Protect Austin, protect your community.

Bojana B (es) wrote: I suppose the reason for not being credited is a mistake with mic that is always in the scene throughout the whole movie. It's about 2 worlds - one possibility! Very twisted crime story with a lot of beautifuly written dialogs. Tilda Swinton makes this movie a lot stronger, and I think that this one should have got a lot more credits because it's really special. A masterpiece by Robert Lepage that everyone should take a look at!

Siddhardha K (jp) wrote: Decent movie with a touch of national integrity from a great directorial debut

Alex r (de) wrote: Rookie of the Year is a fun family sports film that has good laughs and a colorful cast. Although not one of the most memorable childhood favorites, this is still a fun film worth seeing. Thomas Ian Nicholas gives a fun performance that is funny. Daniel Stern is fun as well, but I found him to be a bit over the top, even if that was the point, it was a bit annoying as well. Stern also directs, and he crafts a fun film that is quite funny, but at times fails to generate the laughs. This film could have been better of course, but overall it's a charming affair that should be seen by baseball film fans. The Sandlot was a better film, but this one does manage to be entertaining, but could have been thought out a bit better. All in all, it is a worthwhile film to watch if you have nothing else to do. The laughs are there, but the film loses steam near the end, and the ending should have been better. Even with all its imperfections, this is an entertaining film that will certainly appeal to the entire family. The performances are good, and there are a few memorable on-screen gags, but like I said, the film is no Sandlot, but it nonetheless delivers a fun filmgoing experience. Daniel Stern was able to pull off something effective here, but it just doesn't go beyond what it could have been. Rookie of the Year should have been a memorable and hilarious ride, but it ends up being funny at times, with parts that are clearly struggling due to an underdeveloped script.

Bryan D (es) wrote: Very well done. This movie holds your attention with its cinematography, amazing acting , and suspenseful directing. unfortunately it is a true story so you know that Captain Phillips is really in no real Danger through the whole movie, but the movie itself was amazing.

Ilja S (gb) wrote: Chan and Tucker, a realtionship in the making in 1998's Rush Hour. Action packed and entertaining. Even though I personally prefer the second part.