13 segundos

13 segundos

Esta película de acción y suspenso, cuenta la dramática historia de cinco bebés por sobrevivir. Conmovedora y angustiosa será su lucha contra los sueños, deseos y ambiciones de aquellos que les niegan el derecho a la vida. Un relato inspirado en hechos reales donde cinco bebés y sus madres ponen al descubierto sus miedos en una apuesta entre la vida y la muerte; una cruel realidad los llevará a descubrir que, a la hora de sobrevivir, cada segundo cuenta. Esta historia se atreve a mostrar con nitidez el dramatismo intrínseco de un mundo sórdido y oscuro...los hechos te obligarán a preguntarte si serías capaz de negociar con la vida. Esta reveladora película nos muestra de forma inédita, imágenes 100% reales de bebes dentro y fuera del útero

This revealing film shows unprecedented authentic images of babies inside and outside the uterus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arief H (ag) wrote: Painfully difficult to watch

Remo B (ca) wrote: Bill Murray is brilliant as usual. Jeffrey Wright is also outstanding. For music buffs, the soundtrack is fantastic and really augments the atmosphere of the film. Jim Jarmusch really nailed it.

Patrick M (gb) wrote: Decent, not all that great for Pacino.

Teri C (kr) wrote: this was an ok movie

Iris S (nl) wrote: A bit of an insult to the Australians, in my humble opinion. Paul Hogan is a good actor, but his role in the movie is a bit far - fetched (nobody, but nobody, adds 'Mate' to the end of every single sentence). Cuba Gooding Jr., however, does a fantastic job as the mute Ben. He gets his point over perfectly without saying a word.The story is a bit predictable, but it is amusing at times. Select times.Verdict: If you have a particular fancy for any of the actors, you'll like it. If not, it will be just your average slapsticky comedy.

Mary A (au) wrote: I saw that movie a long time ago and every time i see it i cry all day long. Dilip Kumar is the best

Tyler W (de) wrote: As One Friend Said The Movie Feel Was Just Dry/Stale Hense Boring!

April C (ag) wrote: Is it a bad thing that I have a bit of a crush on the face of Lumire?I love the unabashed enthusiasm: "I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!"Also, I am predisposed to like witty verbal humor, but this movie does visual humor so well! And yet it is far from being slapstick. A pleasure.

Zack T (us) wrote: A Truly Fantastic Picture, set in JRR Tolkins Middle Earth.