A man who specializes in debunking paranormal occurrences checks into the fabled room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel. Soon after settling in, he confronts genuine terror.

Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is a successful author who enjoys worldwide acclaim debunking supernatural phenomena, before he checks into the Dolphin Hotel, that is. Soon after settling in, he confronts genuine terror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trace P (nl) wrote: I was fortunate enough to see this wonderful film at the Seattle International Film Festival last night and it was great! This man has truly lived a charmed life. The stories about his adventures are so incredible that, if true, establishes Mr. Gordon as not only a "Supermench" but an incredible and thoughtful person as well. One fact that blew my mind. He had been the manager for Alice Cooper for over 40 years now. They have never had a written contract. That is what I call two way trust. I rate it an A-.

Telvin S (kr) wrote: Rowdy = Akshays powerpack comeback to action! Akshay Kumar(TM)s loyal audience will love Rowdy Rathore as they will get to see their favourite star back in action, flying off roofs and kicking butt! A masala entertainer! Sonakshi looks great alongside akshay and preety as ever. The story line reminds you of yes south indian movie but the fact is it is a true remake from a south indian cinema. Therefore you do expect it to be out of your mind action and stunts. A movie full of "dumkes" will make you wanna dance along. Rowdy Rathore has some catchy lines which will become de riguer in everyday, slang-heavy conversations in contemporary India like Don(TM)t angry me? or You(TM)re strongly welcome. The girl playing Chinki is so cute & adorable, don't miss to watch it. go to theater and enjoy it.

Jason P (ca) wrote: The plot had some flaws, and the acting wasn't perfect all around, but the two main characters, played by Harriel and Consiglio, were nearly perfect. Interesting mix of humor and drama, with some powerful scenes (the when his ex-wife trashes the lab). Consiglio's humor and excellent timing really stole the short. Cinematography was a little self-conscious, but Hood took some chances on making his shots more interesting. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Loved the twist with the girl, maybe a *little* overdone with the whole Diamondhead character. The wife/ex-wife was occasionally funny, but the part was overacted and not always believable. I wish the director hadn't felt the need to wrap it all up neatly- a more open ending would have been much more compelling. And I would have taken down a couple characters a notch, like the wife and Diamonhead. They were a little too much like caricatures. So why 3 1/2 stars with so many issues? It was clearly a lower budget film and in addition to bring decently filmed, it had a lot of heart. I give extra points for heart (as opposed to cheese, which makes a film Lise points).

Marc G (kr) wrote: I loved this movie when I was 12, I've read the book as a summer reading thing when I lived in NYC:

Aaron C (ru) wrote: not a bad nostalgic show about Manhattan, soap operas and 80s hair :)

Don N (us) wrote: Destiny turns off the dvd.

Graciela R (mx) wrote: Pago por ver! Que genialidad, por vida de Dios. Si desaparecieran todas las peliculas del mundo yo salvaria esta.

Ryan D (gb) wrote: The Vin Man stole the show.

Chris M (it) wrote: Above average early 80's B monster/demon movie! Beautiful Bobbie Bresee is the recipient of a family curse that turns her into a blood thirsty succubus. The special effects are phenomenal and the film has pretty good production values for such a low budget movie. Sanford and Son's LaWanda Page makes a hilarious glorified cameo as the black housekeeper who is smart enough to get out while she still can.Worth checking out for some good B-movie fun!

Joe H (it) wrote: Decent movie, but the ending is incredible.

Abel D (it) wrote: An interesting time capsule of the era, Alea's weird little snapshot of early Castro Cuba is a distinct, if sometimes preachy, film. It deftly criticizes both sides of the conflict via its bourgeois main character, mixing in newsreel footage to add a proper grounding, even to newer audiences.

Tiberio S (es) wrote: The first act struggles to gain any interest, or to be clear on what the exact mission is - it's slow and wordy, and I'm not sure I quite get everyone's angle. But after about half an hour, it picks up. Brando's Robert Crain (or Mr. Kyle) is up to something aboard the ship, and Brenner's Captain Muller appears to be soft, leading to some question of his authority by First Officer Kruse, a dedicated Nazi.

Jason C (mx) wrote: So this is a very unique movie, that it has going for it big time and it will suck you into the story. Then about half way through it gets just plain bizarre, which is always good for the most part because it holds your attention and isn't something you have really seen before. It does however get a bit confusing at that point but won't completely lose you as to the main message of the movie, even though the ending will probably make you say wtf. The director goes crazy with the symbolism that is for sure and the acting is very average which does not help any movie. Interesting movie if nothing else.

Borhan K (au) wrote: Courage Under Fire the wife and i sat and watched it through Fetch TV and it was a slow drawn out war drama about an army mishap that caused the death of a Helicopter pilot and all the re-tellings of how she died.The cast is A grade, however, the movie is a tad too long.If you like Denzel movies this is one of his earlier flicks and he always displays top shelf performances.This is not for everyone no kiddies allowed and if you like war movies you would like this one.