15 minutos de gloria

15 minutos de gloria


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Meredith W (mx) wrote: Think perhaps I would not have like this quite so much if it did not revolve around performance of "Othello". Comparisons between it and Shakespeare in Love are inevitable and I think I like this better, not just because it was sans Gweneth Paltrow. Definitely an enjoyable surprise of a film.

Jim T (kr) wrote: Fantastic movie that should be on everyone's bucket list. This was way ahead of its time. SPOILER ALERT: Billy Baldwin makes a suprise naked entrance that will haunt your memory for years to come..

Sebbo M (au) wrote: vaos locos forever :-) could it get any better??

Grant S (ca) wrote: A harrowing ordeal...as any good movie that explores the world of drug addiction should be. Quite graphic in its depiction of the consequences of drug addiction, and the heartbreaking, and seemingly unbreakable, bonds involved. Just when you think someone is about to break free, they get sucked back in. Very sad, and frustrating.About as searingly graphic, if not more, as Requiem for a Dream, another excellent movie that should convince anyone who watches it to avoid the scourge that is drugs. Another movie you wouldn't want to watch too frequently, due to its gruesome honesty and the fact that the images are burned into your brain.Excellent soundtrack from David Bowie, including live concert footage. Most of the songs are from his Heroes album, which was written and recorded in West Berlin, and conveys the feelings that living in West Berlin evoked in Bowie. Ideal soundtrack then for Christiane F, being set in West Berlin.

Diana M (ca) wrote: Otra buena pelicula de Bergman

Katarina J (jp) wrote: One of Charlton Heston's best movies-great story great performance,not very happy ending,but that's how it is in real life

Jennifer B (ca) wrote: A cute idea with a good message, but drawn out, cheesey and overdramatic... The main character looked too old to be playing this role

Nann H (jp) wrote: I was moved to tears by Hepburns tender performance of socially precarious desperation. Love the the Austenian social theme. Excellent and worthy of your time.

sinisteris t (nl) wrote: Immense. 9.3/10. A.It may get tiring throughout the runtime for modern-day audiences, but its fantastic and amazing editing techniques remain fresh to this day, and the film is still almost as truly groundbreaking and original as it was upon its release; the effect of that impression was a lasting influence on cinema that Man with a Movie Camera created.