15 Till Midnight

15 Till Midnight

Parallel worlds collide as a secret society policing this phenomena track a man whose wife has seemingly disappeared.

Parallel worlds collide as a secret society policing this phenomena track a man whose wife has seemingly disappeared. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (kr) wrote: Day: SaturdayDate: 08 Jun 2013Time: 9.30 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

BRUNO V (it) wrote: Nie slecht , fijn gewoon ....

Milla V (fr) wrote: Miesten meininki oli kylla mahtava mutta naiset pilasivat taman elokuvan taysin.

emily h (us) wrote: it was alright, nothing special

Hunter H (mx) wrote: I love itttttt so much comedy of 2008 I love Vince and Reese together and it's just a hilarious fun christmas film and that is how it should be not every movie has to be rated r to be funny

Sma A (ru) wrote: I think this movie is kinda corny, but I was entertained because it had lesbians in it...and they were hot.

K K (de) wrote: B+Ethan Hawke great as usual, great suspense, denzal is a great villain

Paul N (ag) wrote: ok movie, It is really not one of my favorites. I just put it up there to be funny.

Bert O (ag) wrote: Very good movie , clear warning for anyone travelling , and should be seen by all youngsters who have travel plans

Kyle B (br) wrote: This was an odd movie with a great performance from Jeff Bridges but for a sci fi movie it is a little dry and slow. The visuals, make up, score, and cinematography are great but something about the overall story was off for me

Chris C (ca) wrote: An expertly made, early entry in the Spaghetti Western genre. Though it is closer to a classic American style Western--it still has a gritty edge to it that sets it apart.There was a companion piece, of sorts, to this film called IL RITORNO DI RINGO (THE RETURN OF RINGO). Though it is not truly a sequel, it was made by the same director, starred the same actors and actresses, and was shot just weeks after A PISTOL FOR RINGO wrapped. This "follow-up" film is an incredibly good reworking of the tale of THE ODYSSEY as a Western. Both films are great, but the second (which doesn't have a listing here on Flixster) is truly outstanding. Both films have wonderful music by Ennio Morricone.

Randall M (gb) wrote: Each subplot a short film unto itself all woven beautifully match cut together and tied off with never ending strands of sound.

Petros K (kr) wrote: 4th time i see this29 3 2014 5 1 2017 5th time

Moriah F (gb) wrote: Good movie and all, but not into the Xmas horrors myself.

Jamie J (de) wrote: the sorta sequel to Linklaters dazed and confused doesn't quite live up to its predecessor mainly for the characters not being as memorable.that being said, I think that just like dazed he did a great job of making a really funny and enjoyable movie with no real plot about people just doing shit on a weekend in the early 80's.