16 Blocks

16 Blocks

An aging cop is assigned the ordinary task of escorting a fast-talking witness from police custody to a courthouse, but they find themselves running the gauntlet as other forces try to prevent them from getting there.

Boozy and world-weary, NYPD Detective Jack Mosley draws a routine assignment to transport trial witness Eddie Bunker to the courthouse 16 blocks away by 10 a.m. There are, however, chaotic forces at work that prevent them from making it in one piece. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rave C (gb) wrote: Beware of Mr. Baker is a fascinating, humorous and at times fairly moving piece about one of rock and jazz's greatest drumming ancestors, Ginger Baker.

Zack B (ag) wrote: It just dragged on and didn't engage me whatsoever despite the fact that my love was in it, Lea Seydoux....but hell, she was barely in it!

Edgar C (mx) wrote: I am sorry, Nina Paley, but you're arrogant.Predominantly an exercise in style, Sita Sings the Blues is, at the end of the day, a mockery towards a fruitful Indian tale about gender equality and justice. Combining animation styles with immature purposes of speculation and commentary biased towards the perspective of women rather than discussing the societal and cultural backgrounds surrounding the epic Indian story, the film constantly shifts from a randomly placed discussion about the events of the story as an improvised "documentary" interview to a biographical portrait of Nina regarding her relationship with her husband, and uses the entire animated feature as a vehicle for not only empathizing with Sita, but also comparing her situation with her own! Not only that is uncalled for, but the contemporary setting was a terrible decision of a story filler that made no worthy contribution to the "discussion" about the epic whatsoever.Yet, I cannot stop recommending the film. Nina Paley just wasted a good arsenal of creative personal potential because it fell into the wrong material. This film should not exist. It should exist differently. The lack of financial means along with some interesting animation sequences and solid ideas of style transitions signal positive hope for a talented female artist in a world ruled by men mentality. Or at least that's what she would state, which would be a true biased statement. From a visual and musical perspective, Sita Sings the Blues is a technical success.Sita is Annette Hanshaw. Why? Because Nina implied that the story of Sita has been present in contemporary story, and the musical inspiration she found was Hanshaw. The film would not work the same way without her, but that's the problem, you see? Hanshaw's spirit should have been revived in an entirely different story, paying proper respect to the sacred ancient tales and using her strong pro-women position through alternative means, no matter if she used in the film open references to maybe the greatest animation film of all times, The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926).But she used those references. More than once.66/100

Bryan C (au) wrote: Wow... Just Wow!!! Great film!!!

Alysia V (au) wrote: This movie was a bit uneventful and slow for my tastes. I certainly do not mind a slow moving film, but this movie just never really captured me. The flashback scenes of rural India were my favorite part of the film and were truly beautiful and peaceful. I did also feel that the lead actress did a good job of expressing her emotions with very few words. I felt that perhaps the main woman in this movie over-glamourized her past in India and towards the end of the movie, came to realize that perhaps life back home was not everything she remembered it to be. I was disappointed, though, when, in the end, she made the decision to stay in England rather than return to India with her husband. I would've preferred having seen her go with him. The transformation we see in the husband was something I liked about this movie, and I did really love when she was talking about the different types of love and how the one she had with her husband was one that grew more and more over time, where as the other was just a temporary one that comes out of nowhere but also quickly fades. Beautiful culture and outfits and Indian scenery in this movie, but as a whole, it just did not capture me.

Leung P (br) wrote: Holyshit, this movie of horror brought back all the memories and anger...

Ahmad J (it) wrote: The hot actors save this one for me!

Chelsea L (mx) wrote: I'd say disappointment, but i had never heard of this film so i wasn't expecting anything. Crap.

Jeff P (us) wrote: Widely regarded as the most expensive 8mm zombie film ever made. This is true campiness and mayhem and low budget at it's finest...Sam Raimi produced the film under the pseudonym 'The Master Cylinder' using a portion of his payment from Evil Dead 2. Bruce Campbell dubbed the voices of two characters that were "Raimi" (whom looks like Bruce Campbell to a degree too) and "Commander Carpenter". The movie was produced over nearly four years, in Akron, Ohio, for next to nothing. Everyone involved worked on the film for free. Lots of graphic gore effects and silly dialogue make this a true cult classic. Theres also a Dr. Savini character, a religious cult leader named Reverend Jones and lots more. lol

Jaime R (jp) wrote: Contrary to the usual Woody Allen film, "Scoop" is surprisingly unfunny.

Jacob G (ag) wrote: This is probably one of the most depressing animations ever made. However, it's still very good


Serge L (it) wrote: Ben Affleck makes a good psychopath. The film takes the view point of a new hire, not too smart, so we get the superficiality of it. It goes well, then less so, then more criminaly. The film has its values, but it appears all rather fake.

Russell H (nl) wrote: The acting was ok. Other than that, kind of a waste. Dumbest looking monster ever.