16 Days

16 Days


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:16 Days 2009 full movies, 16 Days torrents movie

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16 Days torrent reviews

Conner R (ru) wrote: It's like the vagina monologues, but sexualized. This has an ensemble of bombshells looking and acting hot. I would say there's a problem here, but it's done so shamelessly that you kind've just go with it. The sense of humor is really unique and I liked the change of pace. The stories and characters are allowed to shine, due to the structure. This is made with the best intentions, to be fun and not take itself too seriously.

Josh J (gb) wrote: Oh Tara Reid, what will you do next? Hopefully something better.

Amy S (de) wrote: Couldn't finish watching it was so bad.

Private U (us) wrote: A pretty good movie and an overall touching story. I would say it's worth a watch.

Tracy D (mx) wrote: Ballet movie. Enough said.

Matthew L (ru) wrote: Pure 80s cinema that will no doubt be remembered more in time for kick starting the careers of Bruckheimer, Simpson and Eszterhas. Light on plot and little more than an extended music video. Apparently heavily edited from its original 2h 30m running time down to 90m and it shows, sub plots and characters don't go anywhere, and it feels like the ending is missing. Fine Beals character finally plucks up the courage and makes it to an audition but what happens after that. To many films are guilty of never following through and presenting the audience with a satisfactory ending. It might well be about the journey and not the destination but personally whats the point in the journey if you never make it to the other end.

Nicole T (de) wrote: So bad it's good. 3 stars

Frank R (ru) wrote: If you want to see a reverse-gender apocalyptic Casablanca (and who wouldn't?), this film delivers. It also has good actors in it, Temuera Morrison ("Once Were Warriors"), the always-reliable Xander Berkeley, and the always-weird Udo Kier. The title character is written so that she betrays no emotion, so really they couldn't go wrong, so even Ms. Anderson delivers. This film did not deserve to bomb, it is a guilty pleasure. But it should have been a little less violent and (dare I say it) PAL should have kept her assets under wraps to make it PG-13 for the teenagers.

Adrian Z (ru) wrote: Grand account of Christopher Colombus' voyage of discovery, and it's bloody aftermath looks beautiful under Ridley Scott's direction, and sounds terrific thanks to Vangelis' soaring score. However, after a solid start, the film eventually becomes encumbered by wearying overlength, pacing issues, and a script that does not provide a satisfying exploration of Colombus' psyche and circumstances, choosing instead to present him as a boundless idealist who somehow looses his way without ever wanting to. Adding to the woes, the international cast led by Gerard Depardieu is often hard to understand due to thick accents (subtitles are definitely recommended), but Sigourney Weaver's casting as Queen Isabella is masterful, and she delivers a good performance.