170 Hz

170 Hz

Two deaf teenagers fall in love and run away from their disapproving parents, only to discover one of the young lovers carries a dark secret.

The Story: 170 Hz is a film about unconditional love and the freedom that goes with it. Nick and Evy are two adolescents who fall hopelessly in love with each other. Their love has no voice... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


170 Hz torrent reviews

Mike N (es) wrote: i thought this movie was awesome..a mormon girl runs away from home and finds skate board kids to hang out with and we watch as they analyze each other and as their worlds collide.

Jenn T (kr) wrote: Thought it had potential, obviously didn't.

Rasheed T (gb) wrote: Hardly funny! Come on, Eddie!

Francisco Q (au) wrote: It's a fantastic and different approach to the superhero movies genre that in the future would become very popular. However, "Unbreakable" is much more than that and, even today, it lets the audience thinking about it! Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis are a hell of a team! It's a must-see!

Mike F (gb) wrote: This is horrible, yet enthralling. Love it. Needed more MBT.

Lloyd H (ca) wrote: Third time lucky and finally there's a Death Wish sequel that isn't appalling. It's average at best, but compared to Death Wish 2 & 3 this is a definite improvement. This time around there's an actual viable plot. It's ridiculous but tolerably enjoyable. Looking back it's hard to imagine how Charles Bronson has gone from a vigilante avenging his murdered wife to a one man army taking down two rival drug gangs. As far fetched as the franchise has stretched, this fourth outing still is watchable and the Bazooka finale is ridiculous fun.

Ricardo G (de) wrote: anybody know if it on DVD?

Greg W (fr) wrote: garbo delights in this breezy comedy

Jason B (ca) wrote: Watched this today. Horrible. Bad acting. Bad story. Bad ending.

Susanna K (kr) wrote: I knew "blank" was a killer but I didn't expect "you know who" to be the original killer.

Christopher L (br) wrote: What an absolute masterpiece.