180 Graus

180 Graus


Anna, Russell and Bernardo, 3 middle class brazilians involved in a game of passions between the autorship of a succesful book. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David W (gb) wrote: Bad Grandpa is funny and bitter-sweet with Johnny Knoxville and his kid in a hilarious road trip even if the comedy doesn't quite hit the notes

The Movie W (jp) wrote: Persbrandt becomes romantically involved with Hjejle, unbeknownst to her he is the driver who killed her young daughter in a road accident. Hitchcock has De Palma, Sirk has Todd Haynes, now Wong Kar-Wai has Simon Kaijser. De Palma and Haynes donn't have to deal with any cultural differences when aping their idols but Stockholm and Hong Kong may as well be on two different planets culturally. Kaijser goes to such lengths with his homage that the movie becomes laughable. The "philosophical" voiceovers, neon lighting, use of a key location, time distorting camera tricks and culturally contrasting music all fall flat here. It's hard to imagine any European saying a line of dialogue like "I think of you from the moment I wake till I fall asleep at night", least of all a Scandinavian. Even Kar-Wai struggled himself when he went to America to make "My Blueberry Nights", a movie that just seemed ridiculous when featuring white people. The two central actors are far too good for the awful dialogue they're forced to speak. Danish actress Hjejle may be recognisable to mainstream viewers as John Cusack's girlfriend in "High Fidelity". It's strange how she never got more work stateside. Per Kallberg's cinematography is far too good for a movie of this quality, nicely capturing the colors of a Swedish autumn in a way we rarely see. Scandinavia is a beautiful part of the world but few of it's film-makers seem interested in presenting it so. This is one of those movies best enjoyed with the sound turned down, or in this case, the subtitles off.

Natalie W (nl) wrote: Oh Josh, not a good movie for you! ?????

James C (ag) wrote: As a small town is continued to be attacked by a group of unknown creatures, The rag tag mix of residents continue to fight for survival.If you have read my two previous reviews you will know that I really enjoyed 'Feast' and was slightly disappointed with 'Feast II'. So, I was hoping that the final part of the trilogy would go out with a bang - but I got more of a whimper. The monsters and outrageous gore is in plentiful supply, but the plot just becomes more lost as the movie progresses and not even the black humour can save the incoherent ending. The introduction of new characters, only to have them killed quite quickly actually becomes annoying, and the lack of explanation for the monster outbreak is a complete let-down. In the end, I feel this would have been a much better movie series, if it had been left at only one entry.

Shelly l (gb) wrote: This movie.......portraits a small Texan crazy life like any other ........doomed from the begining.....ahhhh what a shame.

Dan M (us) wrote: Rarely do I laugh all the way through a movie. This is one of those times

Jennifer G (ag) wrote: Jason Behr...so hot in this movie!!!