180 Segundos

180 Segundos

In a city full of corruption, a group of professional thieves prepares its last hit in 180 seconds.

In a city full of corruption, a group of professional thieves prepares its last hit in 180 seconds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Parthiv J (nl) wrote: amazing direction and screenplay by sudhir mishra...........a must must must watch..............

Laurie L (ag) wrote: It made no sense but it was good so long as you expected nothing.

Jacob G (ru) wrote: Wrong in so many ways. Probably one of the worst movies ever made. I actually used to be a fan of Toby before this. Afterwards, I can't stand to see him or hear his name. This film is offensive, racist, and very unfunny. I'm glad that Willie was only in it for one small scene. Even he has higher standards than this. Toby has officially proven how hardcore American he is. He portrays everyone's outside the U.S.A. as an over the top stereotype. Even blacks aren't safe from racism in this movie. It's like the directors of Disaster movie and Meet the Spartans decided to go country and yes IT'S THAT FUCKING BAD! Beware at all costs. And no Toby Keith, this isn't a good movie. It's as horrible as I've learned you are. For those of you who didn't know, Toby actually wrote half the script for this. Sure you can blame it all on the other guy, accept Toby would have worked with him and brainstorm and APPROVE mind you. Mathew Buck, trash this movie a new one on BMB, let's not let this atrocity of a movie go unpunished. Let's raise up our glasses against evil forces, by trashing this bad movie 'Beer for my Horses'My number one most hated movie of all time

RiP M (gb) wrote: Much wasted potential. Expediency of plot does not mean character or subtleties should be sacrificed just because you have a topical storyline.

Shane R (ru) wrote: A pretty good movie. Not unique or groundbreaking, but very funny in places and really enjoyable.

MICHAEL M (mx) wrote: One of the greatest pieces of trash to ever come to cinema! It's so horrible that you love every second of it. Best one liners and such amazing cheese factor. Overall the movie is a 1 star, but it's pure horribleness boosts it to a 3.

Shanie Y (jp) wrote: A very ludicrous movie...

Jason H (ru) wrote: Suprisingly good despite it's production limitations. Milland makes the most out of what he has to work with with. Despite almost no scenes depicting destruction and devastation, the feeling of it is there. Milland also leads a fairly good cast which features Frankie Avalon of all people! It is a rather well done movie considering how a lot of these genre films turned out, some with larger budgets. Pretty good movie.

Adam F (au) wrote: "Jack the Giant Killer" basically boils down to a knock-off of the Ray Harryhausen action fantasy films and the effects aren't nearly as good, but it's got a lot of charm and it's a fun story. It's no coincidence that this film not only stars Kerwin Matthews (who starred in "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad") but also features a several giants that ressemble the cyclops from the film and several other stop motion monsters; this was made to cash-in on the genre. The special effects, unfortunately aren't nearly as good. The animation is not as smooth and there are a couple of errors in the animation (a scene early on where a tree branch appears and disappears is the most glaring example) and at times the effects are downright cheesy. While sailing for Normandy, the cast are attacked by witches and we get a day-for-night shot that's tinted purple with really weird looking light effects.What the movie lacks in technical prowess though, it really makes up for in charm. This story hits pretty much every single fantasy trope and that's where it works. Had the story done a few, it would seem clich but you get everything here. You get giants, a dragon (though it's labelled as a harpy in the trailer), you get an evil wizard with a Dracula cape, witches, curses that turn people into animals, a princess that's kidnapped so the villain can marry her, a farmboy that rises to become a great hero, a magial genie, a kid sidekick, witches, magical weapons and more. Everything you could want in a fantasy story is present here and it makes the whole story feel delightfully nostalgic, even if you've never seen it before. Some of the characters that would normally feel annoying, like the kid sidekick and the wish-granting leprechaun that speaks in rhymes are also well done and overall, they work. It's hard to pinpoint what it is exactly that makes this so much fun to watch, but the action scenes are well done, the plot moves quickly and the characters are likeable. There are also some good fight scenes with the monsters and the villain, "Pendragon" is such a stereotypical fantasy villain that he's delightful. He even has a hunchback sidekick and widow's peak to go along with his vampire cape.The movie might not be a masterpiece but it's just this weird mix of things that all happen to work together. Children and adults will enjoy the familiarity of the story and the creatures, fans of stop motion will enjoy it because of the craftsmanship and the creature design (they may be knockoffs but they're decent knockoffs of really good products) and particularly if you saw this as a kid and liked it, you'll have a lot of fun revisisiting the movie. "Jack the Giant Killer" is some good fantasy fun that's just the right kind of mix of cheese and high adventure excitement. (Dvd, March 30, 2013)

Ganesh R (br) wrote: my all time favourite.. Rock Hudson rocks!!

Paul T (nl) wrote: The absolute best. Could watch it again and again.