19 Months

19 Months

19 Months takes a comic look at a young couple who believe that romantic love has an expiry date. Rather than stay in a relationship past its due date they have decided to break up. In ...

19 Months takes a comic look at a young couple who believe that romantic love has an expiry date. Rather than stay in a relationship past its due date they have decided to break up. In ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas P (ru) wrote: It's a really good film, with a tempo that feels as if it's in real-time. The landscape, lighting, and characters are all compelling.

Todd R (au) wrote: COME ON!!! No Paul Walker and Jessica Alba and the rest of the original cast!

Silvia O (au) wrote: Good ideas but simply put. They say Adrien Brody signed without a script because he trusted the director... he shouldn't have.

Andrew L (au) wrote: daft, cheesy horror flick which isn't even scary. Oh, what might have been in the hands of a better director (Ridley Scott perhaps?)

Adam E (br) wrote: Although Attack of the Giant Leeches is undeniably a trashy B movie, it does carry enough weight to make it an enjoyable romp. Unlike dire attempt The Killer Shrews, it looks like some effort was actually put into directing this one, with interesting camera angles and acceptable acting all around. The story is as random and simplistic as you'd expect and, of course, the leeches look ridiculous. Think guys dressed up in trash bags covered in colourful icing sugar, pretty great. Alas we don't see much of them but until we do, the film does its best to keep the story moving in a coherent and watchable enough way. Not too bad.

Ted W (es) wrote: Okay, nothing great, however this was very interesting historically. Not a bad Bela performance, but the treat is a Martin & Lewis knockoff by the name of Duke Mitchell (Martin) and Sammy Petrillo (Lewis). Duke comes across as kind of uncomfortable with a singing voice just the good side of nails on a chalkboard. He really drives home the importance that Dean Martin really had in the Martin & Lewis team. Petrillo on the other hand is very funny with a spot on Jerry Lewis impression. It goes beyond just the "Hey Laiiiideeeee" shtick that most folks go for, to all the facial expressions and body language that made Jerry Lewis funny once upon a time. I wouldn't buy it, but definitely worth a view.

Eric H (br) wrote: This film is a major chore to finish, as there's just nothing interesting about it. Plus, while it's bad and cheap, it's just not bad and cheap enough to be fun for a laugh--it's just bad!

Eric H (us) wrote: Ali was a sistamatic and ripping film about a boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay. Michael Mann(Collateral) makes a realistic portrayal of what it was like for a legend in boxing and outside of it. Ali was so much of a bragger and I guess it was really neatly picked out for Will Smith. Jamie Foxx, well talented and well liked, mainly by me, put up a good performance also as Ali's former friend and helper in the ring. He just did really good and didn't mess up much in his role for his lines. This was a good movie and really realistic in boxing, tied with Raging Bull. There were some flaws and boring parts, but other than that I liked this movie.

Rob R (ru) wrote: Not a bad movie. It was actually funny in some parts. I do think that they could have done more with some of the writing.

Tom H (es) wrote: 02.05.1997,27.03.2016

Katy R (de) wrote: cant wait for the new one

Kirstie R (mx) wrote: David Tennant was born to play Hamlet. I usually don't go for modern renditions of Shakespeare plays, but I thought this one was well done. They kept the language and let it speak for itself instead of trying to modernize Shakespeare's language, which usually ends up being a total disaster.

Mark F (us) wrote: It's one of those movies that is so bad you have to keep watching. Absurd plot, bad acting and dialogue. Even the fight scenes, supposedly the redeeming feature, are ridiculous.

Gemma M (kr) wrote: A beautiful animation telling the story of a fearful dinosaur thrown into an adventure in which he finds his courage and bravery learning that its alright to be scared. Developing a loving friendship with a young orphaned cave boy, Pixar has created charming and family-fun entertainment for all!