1920: Evil Returns

1920: Evil Returns

This story revolves around a famous poet who meets a woman who is in trouble. In order to treat her, he takes her to Shimla in a big hospital, but soon that woman gets possessed by devil and goes out of control. Now the question remains that what is the relation that poet shares with her which compelled him to go to any extent to save her, why she was possessed by devil and who is the devil.

This story revolves around a famous poet who meets a woman who is in trouble. In order to treat her, he takes her to Shimla in a big hospital, but soon that woman gets possessed by devil ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob D (ag) wrote: If there were a billion points, this movie would get zero. I pity the actors in this movie, and curse the writers. I recommend it for a laugh, but watch it for free, either on TV, or pirate it. I found it on the Space channel.

Chad B (de) wrote: this movie left a lot to be desired. The chemistry between tripplehorn and schreiber was decent, acting was mediocre. A little too cliche for me. this movie was shot in an awkward format so it didn't sit right on the 1080p. This is a rainy day, bored film at best.

Isobel P (jp) wrote: Thought provoking movie..

Giorgio P (ag) wrote: Some of the most bland cinematography and acting I've ever seen. Its just a bunch of assholes on holiday with the occasional confusingly awful dialogue and comedy

Simon B (br) wrote: poetic visuals. it was more like a very long music video.

Andrew B (it) wrote: a good dark comedy/ satire of reality tv.

Rafael B (mx) wrote: good but the ending seemed like they ran out of film

Jeff H (br) wrote: It holds up. If you haven't seen it its better than the critic review would lead you to believe.

Tom M (ag) wrote: Though not as memorable as some of Miyazaki's future work, Nausicca has plenty of cool characters, great action, amd of course beautiful animation to warrant several viewings.

Brad F (gb) wrote: Pretty much a waste of time. Not even close to being as good as "Rad".

Leslie G (it) wrote: to me this movie showed what a gifted actor John really was. You can't help but fall in love with him when you watch it. just a shame we could not see him develop more in his roles.

Blake P (it) wrote: Murder, italian style, "The Cat O' Nine Tails" is a giallo that may be deemed weak among Dario Argento's many superbly macabre endeavors, but it's a bravely stylish piece that still rises above many of the dime-a-dozen slashers that were cranked out during the '70s and '80s. Argento isn't so much of a storyteller as much as a visual storyteller, one who speaks volumes simply through cinematography and editing. And when it comes to the giallo genre, that and red paint is all that's needed. The middle sister of Argento's "animal" trilogy (beginning with "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage" and ending with "Four Flies on Grey Velvet"), "The Cat O' Nine Tails" follows Franco Arno (Karl Malden), a kindly blind man who teams up with ace reporter Carlo Giordani (James Franciscus) to solve a murder(s) mystery. The killer has an extra Y chromosome, which apparently causes violent tendencies for anyone who is unlucky enough to have the disease (oh, the joys of a B-movie plot). If the story sounds generic, then there shouldn't be too much to worry about. This is a whodunit that isn't in the same vein as a engrossing Agatha Christie novel - while the mystery itself leaves a lot to be answered, the absorbing visuals are our focus. Lushly intoxicating and taking us into a world of sex and death 101, everything is at once stunning and surprisingly classy. With any other director, on display would be a paltry project with some interesting knifings, but due to Argento's eye for artistic flair, it rises above its low-budget and turns into a grimy work of art. The murderer in question is not identified through black leather gloves like in most gialli - instead, an extreme close-up of a fiery hued eye is our only identifier. Quite frequently, we watch scenes through the point-of-view of the killer, and in the worst of cases, we get a quick flash and are then left to see how the slaying turns out. Never gory but strong in its choreography, the murders are drawn out so long that we squirm in our seats with unsettling vulnerability - when they actually do occur, there is a sense of relief, but also excitement. Argento stages these scenes better than dramatic ones, but like Hitchcock, he knows how to make them sweepingly suspenseful and eventually horrific. "The Cat O' Nine Tails" is grounded by its two leading performances - without them, the film would merely be an exercise in above average grind house throwaways. Karl Malden, a veteran in the film industry who is noticeably slimmer than usual, makes for an intriguing leading man. Through his crippling blindness, we are never given a chance to relax when he is alone with the killer is nearby. Franciscus is very likable as a journalist who may be too nosy for his own good - his charisma and heroic stature makes him worth rooting for and a strong center to a film so light on depth. It isn't as good as Argento's masterpiece "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage", but "The Cat O' Nine Tails" is an eye-catching thriller that showcases his magnificently in-tune style.

Aj V (jp) wrote: Just like all the other Dracula movies from Hammer starring Lee. Lee is a great Dracula, but I always wish we could see more of him in the movies, including this one. The story is somewhat similar to Stoker's original story, but not as good. This movie is really predictable and kinda stupid, but it's okay.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: Heart wrenching and powerfully acted. Brokeback mountain is a unique romantic western that imbues feels and respect to homosexuals.

Aditya G (fr) wrote: 15 mins and i get dizzy. Poor camera skills. Bad actors. Bad story. Waste of time.

Loreno R (us) wrote: A decently long drama, a biopic on NYPD cop Frank Serpico before the formation of Internal Affairs divisions in police departments. As always Pacino does a splendid job selling his character, and presents a believable presentation of the real life man to the screen. Pacino plays him clear and concise, in dealing with the rediculing and real threat of his peers.This along with Dirty Harry are police drama classics, although this movie has a bit longer running time. The pacing is a bit slower than modern day crime thrillers. Never the less, I feel that this film is still applicable to today's standards, and presents a good portrayal of what it was like before there was any committee to investigate police above them.