We follow the rootless Sinsen gang in good times and bad. A life that consists of rock concerts, hut trips, amusement park visits and car thefts. The year is 1958, when the Americans launched the Explorer and the Russians Sputnik III. However, these events do not interest the youthful persons in this film, the members of the "Sinsen gang". For them, it is far more important to know which rock hits are on top on Top Twenty on Radio Luxembourg, and to have seen the latest film with Elvis. The most important is to be accepted by the gang, to be loyal to your pals, and for a very few to be prepared for school

Handlingen utspilles i 1958, året da Amerikanerne skjøt opp Explorer og Russerne Sputnik III. Det er imidlertid ikke slike begivenheter som opptar filmens ungdommelige hovedpersoner, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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1958 torrent reviews

Emily L (nl) wrote: Not the worst movie, but it's pretty close.

Bob L (mx) wrote: An intriguing film, if a little unsatisfying through it's lack of direction. On the one hand, it's a sapphic coming-of-age story of teenage girls centred around a synchronised swimming team, and there is the confusion of the interest in teenage boys. The bad direction is that we see these girls trying to work out their sexuality, but actually not seeming to enjoy the notion of sex at all. There are lots of looks of unrequited lust but no passion. A bit overly long. The shooting style is very nice, but that's the biggest praise I can muster.

Gabriel Z (mx) wrote: This is intense and amazing documentary.

F B (nl) wrote: Average film. Not one I would want to watch again

Private U (fr) wrote: Phenomenal movie. Very inspirational...everyone should strive to have a little Pre in them.

Maryam R (br) wrote: i skip the sad parts when i watch it.

Russell W (us) wrote: very underated movie this is a great action thriller a must see

Jen G (us) wrote: I loved this movie. Andrew Keegan was a hottie, lol. :)

Peter D (nl) wrote: This is an amazing film that ventures from "so bad it's good" to all out basses. From the obscene outfits to the badly made cars all the way to the killer soundtrack from Goblin's Claudio Simonetti (buy album NOW!). Starring the amazing George Eastman and Fred Williamson, this is no way high art but my god there is something for everyone. This film should be studied in film school...or at least studied whilst getting stoned... You won't regret it.

Erik J (es) wrote: Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole's charm help fill the gaps in this romantic caper that drags on for far too long.

Sri N (mx) wrote: Its triple delight when Director of Bicycle Thief, Italy's finest Actor Marcello Mastroianni & ever sensous Sophia Loren make a film together. This is one of the finest in all their careers. Its about a womanizer who keeps on and off relationship with a prostitute, when the lady finally takes a decision to change the course of both their lives. Its light hearted comedy with drama sprinkled throughout.

Juliano K (ag) wrote: Amazing, amazing, not for week at heart!

Alex F (mx) wrote: It's not Ernst Lubitsch best film. I think it's a little bit stagey, but Melvin Douglas and Merle Oberon try to have some chemistry on screen. Both actors are good in their roles, and it's surprisingly nice to see Burgess Meredith (Rocky's manager) trying to expose an early comical vein.

li b (nl) wrote: This movie was less than the sum of its parts. It's only the fact that the two leads are so likeable themselves that made me watch this film to the end. It was hard to suspend disbelief about some plot points (particularly action sequences) and the emotional heart of the film also seemed unevenly distributed (Diana's pathos). Melissa McCarthy is better than this.

Samantha S (ag) wrote: I heard so many bad stuff about it that id begun to think it was gonna be bad, but it wasnt, not to my standards anyways.... ive never read the book but cuz I like the movie I decided to read it someday =P