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1960 torrent reviews

Shawn H (ru) wrote: I wasn't expecting much from a movie about an adult film crew in the woods being tormented by a maniacal killer. While far from a great movie, this actually wasn't too bad. The acting was about what I expected for a movie made in the 2000's, but the story, special effects, and the twist on an old fairy tale was pretty good. Did it break new ground? No..but then nothing anymore does, but I still found myself enjoying it for a Netflix viewing.

Mlissa A (ru) wrote: OMG ! J'ai comme VRAIMENT aime ce film !! La musique est excellente, la realisation est superbe et l'idee est geniale! :P Jpense que le seul hick c'est paris hilton, juste parce qu'elle est paris hilton, sinon elle tient super bien son role de fille a papa riche ! (bizarre, quasiment un role de composition) J'ai l'gout de le re-ecouter encore et encore

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 82%Saw this on 21/1/15Although not as powerful as the other real life story adaptations of Ron Howard, this film is so full of fine cinematography, acting and it covers one of the most eventful and rarest incidents in global politics for which it needs to be praised. But unlike films like JFK, one cannot understand this film without knowing the American political events properly which is a bit disappointing for non American viewers.

Sophie P (it) wrote: je voudrai bien le revoir...

Dougal S (au) wrote: This is the daddy of all samurai films. OK - so it's a rehash of two separate films, with bits of each stuck together with a new narrative but who cares when the result is a film that cuts out pretty much all the character and art of the originals and just leaves you with one high octane kung-fu showdown after another?Banned for a period in the UK (though never an official video nasty I'm including it in my trawl through the whole genre) this is a non-stop orgy of swordplay that doesn't stint on the geysers of blood as the Lone Wolf offs his would be killers one by one in ever more inventive ways.The plot, in case you need to bother with it, revolves around a samurai cast out by a corrupt shogun who is forced to wander feudal Japan with his young son and spend his time avoiding the unending flow of ninjas sent to kill him.Although it lacks the wire work that permeates the modern entries into the genre there's no shortage of highly choreographed and stylised swordplay to keep the martial arts fan happy and there's plenty of the red stuff flying about to keep the casual gore hound satisfied too. Yes - of course it's completely ludicrous (the pair use a tooled up baby carriage as a weapon on numerous occasions) but that's not the point. This is traditional Japanese drama at it's best... well, at it's 70s best at least.If you want to impress your cool mates after closing time then this is the film to sit them in front of!

Justa C (us) wrote: Great movie! Action, adventure, violence, romance, and Pam Grier is delicious ???

Michael T (ru) wrote: Olsen & Johnson's hit Broadway revue, transferred to the screen with plenty of the zaniness intact.

Dylan K (kr) wrote: this is an underrated gem about one of the worst directors of all time and you can't not love it. while making some of the worst films ever to hit the silver screen I can't help but respect Ed Wood for knowing what he wanted to do and doing it. Even though he was terrible at directing he loved it and i can't help but respect him.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: The most interesting thing in this solid biopic is how it shows us one side of Linda Lovelace's life and then subverts it to reveal the real dark truth behind all that we are witnessing, becoming a touching drama about a terribly unlucky woman caught in a very sad life.

Issac L (nl) wrote: Malle's Venice Film Festival Golden Lion winner and hence successfully procured 5 Oscar nominations in 1982, the Big Five (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Script) but lost all of them. The opening voyeuristic gaze towards a young Susan Sarandon's bare breasts is a brazen invitation to a tale of lust and passion, but when it reveals its beholder is a weather-beaten codger, an ethical uneasiness has been motivated on the subject matter as a knee-jerking response, a december-may obsession has its intrinsic inclination to prompt its viewers with polarized acceptance. Luckily, Burt Lancaster is spry and self-aware as the pip-squeak, who sends off a dignity-ballasted aplomb even when he is dictated by his old flame for money, and Malle and screenwriter John Guare mercifully glistens his twilight years with a belated opportunity to spice up his low-end life, and the ending is a tad out of left field but also understandable with its benevolent gesture to a sympathetic soul. This is authentically Ms. Sarandon's big breakthrough role, a simple girl always on-the-make and striving for a better life (getting married with a sad sack to get out of a provincial town, taking croupier class to secure a job in the casino), not that Oscar-worthy in my opinion, but she is a natural performer to oscillates between spitfire honesty and self-serving shrewdness; by contrast, Lancaster's Oscar-nomination is more deserving, merely a cipher would be left unnoticed at the shady corner of casino shindig, finally pays his dues to save a lady and revitalize his own life, though Sarandon's sexual allure is the precondition, Malle and Guare carefully skirt around the prickly issue by injecting a more acceptable closure of their relationship. Kate Reid, as garish as she is in the role of an aging silk-stocking widow, embellishes the film with her own way of levity (the ineffable expression when Lancaster cops a feel in her bed) while other supporting cast is purely bells and whistles. I cannot say this is Malle's apotheosis, my favorite among his oeuvre (so far) is still THE FIRE WITHIN (1963, 9/10), nevertheless ATLANTIC CITY never loses its zest in spinning a yarn for the aged generation, and it is also a sensible elegy to those who dies without fulfilling their dreams, it is never too late to shoot a few mobsters!