2 alam

2 alam

Day, it started in a remote village with a very few of it's resident headed by Ustaz Ishaq were busy preparing themself for a burial ceremony. The remains of Amy @ Adam , one of their native arrived and things went wrong. Finnally, after a heated arguiment, Juan Agustin ashamed. Amy choose suicide. Back at the village, after Ustaz Ishak and villager manage to handle problem at hands, Amy's body were finally. Put to reet ooutside the cemetery borer dawn. In the finasl stage, Ustaz Ishak read 'talkin' as a final act in saving goodbye and farewell to his once beloved childhooh friends.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Malay
  • Reference:Imdb
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John R (au) wrote: Great sequel wise. I wouldnt say better than Nemo. But great movie overall

Adham H (au) wrote: Thanks in large to the convincing performances of its leads, and despite the incoherent story elements, this is a good movie about running away to be somebody you're not, and finally growing up.

Joe K (br) wrote: I enjoyed watching A Resurrection. Unlike the dumbed-down horror flicks offered today, this movie recalls the era when thrillers like this actually had a great story behind them. I saw the end coming from a mile away. But, when the end finally came, it wasn't at all what I expected. That was a welcome surprise. At first I thought that too many people had been killed. After all, only six souls had to be taken, according to the Bruja's spell. But, after thinking back on it, I realized that some of the departed were not victims of the dead brother. They were killed by others instead. When is the last time a horror movie made you think? It's been a while. If you're fairly young, you may not have ever experienced an intelligent horror flick. Go rent Psycho. The camera work and editing are top quality and often quite creative. The acting is varied, but excellent in the most important characters. Eli is an example of casting perfection. I took my girlfriend to see this movie and she jumped and screamed at all the required scare points. That's a whole lot better than looking over at your girlfriend to find she's fallen asleep! It's also refreshing to walk out of the theater talking over the story. Too often these days I walk out, sometimes before the movie ends, wondering why I wasted so much money and thinking about asking for a refund. Go see A Resurrection. It's easily worth twice the price of admission.

Lanning (jp) wrote: Bill Nighy can do no wrong, and Rupert Grint shows he can survive outside the HP franchise.

Steve S (it) wrote: :rotten: 1/2 (out of four) [color=yellowgreen]Since it's the end of the year and we are starting to talk about the awards season, I thought I'd give out a few awards for this film. Here we go:[/color][color=#9acd32]Best Impression of the Cowardly Lion Award: Michael Pare. There is one scene where they sound exactly alike![/color][color=#9acd32]Most Overacting: Theresa Russell... Does she really have to scream almost every line?[/color][color=#9acd32]Worst Acting: Charles Arthur Berg...Okay this isn't a big Hollywood production, but even small movies should have their standards![/color][color=#9acd32]Least Acting: James Russo...Wasted role with minimal effort. come to think about it; was he even ion this film?[/color][color=#9acd32]Desrves a Better Movie Award: Steven Bauer. A decent actor. Please, please, some producer give him a part in a good movie. He was good in [i][b]How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer[/b][/i] and, of course, amazing in [b][i]Scarface[/i][/b]. But he should be in better parts than this.[/color][color=#9acd32]As far as the movie goes, it's striving for the "cool" film noir feel, but the narration and dialogue is sadly missing any heart. Try and skip this one.[/color]

Nikki R (nl) wrote: seems interesting... I'd like to see it.

Benjamin M (ru) wrote: truly beautiful people. expect to be shaken.

Coxxie M (kr) wrote: great boobs... dont watch for story

F Iliani J (nl) wrote: Watched this again right before 2012 election; just realized a black president still hasnt saved USA

Bryan C (jp) wrote: An engaging, offbeat thriller that introduced the world to Natalie Portman.Grade: A

Bill M (jp) wrote: Dead Alive, or of course Braindead as it's known here and elsewhere outside the U.S is the goriest movie of all time, there's so much blood and viscera flying around you may check your clothes afterwards for splatter. It's the every day story of boy meets girl, overbearing mum disapproves, boy takes girl to the zoo, mum follows them and gets bitten by a sumatran rat monkey and starts to turn into zombie, boy sticks zombie mum and her increasing number of turned victims in the basement , all hell breaks loose, an avalanche of the red stuff follows. Most infamous for the really quite astonishing finale, wherein our hero takes a lawnmower to the army of undead party crashers, Braindead is massively fun, and ridiculously, inventively bad taste, see it and lament the lack of shagging zombies in Jackson's Lord Of The Rings series.

Tabitha M (kr) wrote: Another classic Carry On. This time the ladies outsmart their male-chauvenist lads by starting up their own taxi service.

James H (nl) wrote: 6.5/10. Not the best of the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan films, but it is still a very entertaining movie. Good production, some fine camerawork. Enjoyable with a fine cast. Reasonably suspenseful.

Lilia A (ca) wrote: This movie is absolutely fantastic.I've seen other "trapped on an island" movies before this. After seeing this movie I realized how garbage those other movies are.In those movies, the character(s) learn(s), within a few days, how to build shelter, get a stable source of food, and live well (not survive). With few injuries to boot.Cast Away is realistic. Chuck Noland is an ordinary man with no survival skills. He struggles, he learns slowly, and he gets injured a lot. As well as slowly go insane. He is a survivor who never loses sight of the goal to get home.This movie, this is what would happen if a regular ol person got trapped on an island. It's not idealism, it's realism. And that is what makes the movie so amazing.

Mloy X (ru) wrote: Dom Hemingway (Jude Law): Fontaine better have a well-stocked bar.Dickie Black (Richard E. Grant): He was raised in a Russian orphanage and kills people for a living. Of course he has a well-stocked bar.This was just okay. Not really drama but had some serious bits, not really a comedy but the humor is a little dark rather than slap-stick- so, it's sort of a dark dramedy, I guess. The ending is a bit unusual and kind of left field- totally unexpected. Overall, a strange little flick with kind of an interesting sountrack.

Joe H (ca) wrote: I kinda dig this early campy Bava piece.