Continuation of the cult movie of the end of the 80th years of "ASSA". In the center of attention of the movie - Alika Aldanova's destiny (Tatyana Drubich) which after murder of the leader ...

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2-Assa-2 torrent reviews

Christine Y (ca) wrote: I don't normally like to watch documentaries but this one caught my attention and was easy to watch. I loved the character Ushio embodies - this little badass Japanese guy who box blasts colors onto a giant canvas. I also loved Cutie's comic illustrations - they were certainly cute and poignant. Most of all I loved the love that Cutie and Bullie have with each other - 2 flowers in the same pot.

Andrew G (jp) wrote: This movie is the worst piece of shit I've ever seen. And I've seen Caligula.

Andr D (ru) wrote: Los estudios Laika, los mismos de "Coraline", continan desarrollando su estilo particular (claramente diferenciado de Pixar y DreamWorks), con una historia que le rinde tributo tanto a las pelculas de adolescentes como a las pelculas de terror de los 80. "Paranorman" es una cinta con un interesante sentido de lo visual, que logra entretener de principio a fin, aunque puede atraer ms a un pblico joven y adulto que a un publico infantil, gracias a una esttica efectiva pero nostlgica.

Mikeee W (ru) wrote: I managed to watch it till the end!

Alex S (fr) wrote: very fit surfer chick in this

Gordon B (kr) wrote: Any quibbles I had with the length of this film are overshadowed by its intellectual ambition and the gracefulness of the performances. It's a must for anyone who is serious about film, history or film history.

Steven G (de) wrote: Well shot, well acted, good use of lighting and colours. That's about all the positive things I can say about this otherwise downright bad and confusing movie, with its seemingly random scenes and twisted storylines which simply do not add up. Add to that bad dialogue, a very unlikable main character and a sexist view on women, and you've got a movie that I do not understand nor recommend.

Gordon B (es) wrote: A different kind of teen film, This movie has a raw energy and immediacy which feels authentic and is a perfect film for the post columbine generation

Kyle K (jp) wrote: sucked. don't bother.

Jeremy S (ru) wrote: Least favorite movie Monroe did and with MItchum to boot? Just a weak film

Nikolai H (it) wrote: Watch if you want to see some total psychos swearing heavily and killing lots of vampires in gory ways. Avoid if you like plot and are bothered by abundant racial slurs.

Tyler W (jp) wrote: Funny AF A Must See!

Michael F (mx) wrote: I remember watching this one in high school as we were learning advanced biology: bacteria, viruses, pathogens and the like. Today I saw it a second time and realize how much more artifical scenes were added to a controversial pandemic. It's believable that the military withholds top secret information, but I think it could do without the helicopter fights & romance. The director chose an amazing cast but I would remove many cheesy lines and perhaps dumb it down with slighly simpler terminology for the audience.

Noname (de) wrote: Very violent movie with the same theme as American History X. One of Russell Crowes earlier movie. This one has less story then AH X and more gang fights. American History X are much better as a movie but this isnt to bad.