2 Dudes and a Dream

2 Dudes and a Dream

2 Dudes and a Dream is as visually compelling as it is sardonically hilarious. Ripe with parody and satire the film taps into the spirit of independent cinema coupled with studio accessibility. This film is intently accessible to a broad demographic ranging from 15 to 45 saturated with pop culture and sophisticated comedic timing. There is an eclectic spectrum of farcical wit and situational comedy. This hyper-realized piece is cinematically shot in the essence of a stylized drama with dark comedic undertones all the while maintaining the light hearted nature of the plot. This hilarious parody is engineered to enthrall those prone to MTV and those prone to CNN, giving the profit margin and box office potential the ability to thrive. This film truly has the potential to become a cult classic yet compete directly with any studio comedy released.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Fate brings 2 Dudes to Los Angeles who become friends while following their dreams. Along the way they encounter tons of wacky characters and Hollywood at its weirdest! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


2 Dudes and a Dream torrent reviews

omar y (ca) wrote: still can't watch anything

Martha R (au) wrote: For those of us listening to Tim in the 60's and sensing the genius and finding/hearing Jeff years later...well, this is a touching and lyrical tribute to both of their short lives. I can't believe that someone made this film and seems to get it right. The actor who plays/sings Tim has the right emotion but can't touch the beauty of Tim's voice. But the film is heartbreaking.

Georgia S (it) wrote: This film especially touches people who can relate to the theme of the film. If you can relate it will go above and beyond a simple light hearted commedy, but is striking for the emotions it sturs in you. If one can't relate to that particular aspect, in itself it's a wonderful film that doesn't pretend to be anything more than a bittersweet uplifting film about family. Some fantastic dialogue and the actors are wonderful. It's a film worth watching, it's genuine and beautifully put together.

Donibscottctcisnet D (it) wrote: I loathe reading a long with my movies, but stuck it out for this one. All in all the plot was actually good. The acting was not a problem either. There quality of this film was not questionable. MY problem still lies within the language barrier. This is simply a good horror flick.

John D (au) wrote: Great film. Really sad - she had a very tough beginning and was far ahead of her time.

Roland J (kr) wrote: Unbelievably, this movie recieved much critical acclaim in Sweden. Personally, I think that the acting is below-standard, the script is poor and the movie feels like it is really long when in fact it isn't. Poor.

Elise P (nl) wrote: A beautiful film about the perspective of children in an adult's world of regimen and conformity. There is frequent nudity, but it is not pornographic in nature. An interesting film that brings up interesting issues around discipline, bullying and other issues of childhood and growing up.

daniel esteban h (ag) wrote: mejor que todas la cuarta mejora mas

Matt S (fr) wrote: If you think farting is hilarious, watch this movie

Ilja S (ru) wrote: Insurrection has a lot to go for, and deliveres an interesting story, but ultimately fails to satisfy, because of a lack of action, dull humor and some cheesy moments. It may work great for fans of the series, but for a movie it is just too dull. Personally, I enjoyed it either way, so I can't go to harsh on it.

angel m (nl) wrote: Rich guy .. Poor Girl Fall In Love ?? Older woman Younger man .. This has Two Treats In one .. The Cinderella Meets The Graduate.. Best way to describe ??

David D (ca) wrote: Definitely not as funny as Delirious. But still better than most stand up shows :D