2 Jacks

2 Jacks

Jack Hussar is a legendary Hollywood director, whose persona commands respect and adoration from his fans. Can his son, Jack Jr. maintain his legacy?

Jack is a legendary filmmaker. As year went by, his son also step into the filming career path. Under much pressure of the father's success, Jack Jr finds his way to the Hollywood dream. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael C (ca) wrote: Semi-Musical featuring songs written by Stuart Murdoch(Belle and Sebastian). In fact the movie was written and directed by him as well. Attractive Scottish youths sing and dance Belle and Sebastian songs. For fans of twee/pop music. (Me).

Kelly D (au) wrote: Wild story, saddest interview ever with the dad of 'talhotblond'

Austin C (br) wrote: Little Girl: Another one fell, huh?...Apartment 1303 is a awful movie. It has no lasting impression, small scares, and a low body count of just 5. (Three of them died at the same time so big whoop to that). Apartment 1303 has an interesting idea. A apartment room is haunted by a ghost who kills people by throwing them off of the balcony. Her sister doesn't beleive she commited suicide, so she investigates the apartment with a detective and a little girl. A major problem with this movie is that it moves so slow. There's too much backstory -that shows no backstory. Character devolpment is low. The detective is completely random. The only good feat. was the makeup and special effects. Don't see this movie. I beg you.

Movie K (es) wrote: Quite a good comedy. But its a bit hard to believe why some boys can take things lying down when been bullied. Nate Hartley & Troy Gentile are two best friends. Troy want Nate to call him T-Dog as it sounds cool. First day of high school they both wear the same shirt. Nate stood up for David Dorfman when he is bullied by 2 bullies (Alex Frost & Josh Peck) and now they are also targeted. Nate is attracted to Valerie Tian. Owen Wilson is a jobless man living in city woods, asking for money at highway cars. The police dismantle his shack. David wear the same shirt and hang out with the duo. The bullies target them everyday. They go to the principal but Alex is allow to defend himself and says he is sorry. His parents are in Hong Kong so he is legally an adult and answers to no one. After school the bullies drive car and chase them around the suburb. Nate got the idea to hire bodyguards from internet but they are all too expensive. Owen sign up and is also within their budget. He go to Nate house and loot valuable stuffs to sell. His buddy Danny McBride ask him to milk them dry in long run. Owen teach them how to defend for themselves instead. He teach them to pretend to fight but has a hold back guy to stop. Alex is rapping and Troy rap battle win him. They find him trouble and Nate use the hold back technique but Alex punch him in the face and thank Troy for holding him. Troy is tired of Owen fail plans and want to fire him. Owen says this is just phase one which is to test out Alex. Phase two is his turn to appear. Owen act as a substitute teacher and flirt with Leslie Mann. The lessons ended and the 2 bullies are coming at them. Owen couldn't make it in time and he activate the water sprinklers. He act as lookout for the bullies location and make them look bad in lessons he conduct. He tells the rest of his friends as long they hold a cup, nobody will suspect them. Then all of them go in pretend to be teachers. Leslie always meet Owen in a classroom and have fun. He decide to date her and she accepted. Nate finally talk to Valerie and feel he got chance. He thank Owen for protecting them and make a photo frame for him. Owen and Leslie date and she really likes him. But Owen is afraid because he is lying to her and he is the exact type of guy which she always dated and never likes. Josh saw Owen showering naked in public and says he is a teacher. His mum is the lady who always give him money. Owen decide not to make a big loot out of the kids and Danny isn't please. The bullies expose Owen and Alex punch him. He speaks well again to the trio saying he can't just beat them in front of the other students and his fake teacher identity will leak and go to jail. The other guys rob Nate's home and Owen is punch by Danny. He comes clean with the kids, saying he did serve the army but board a plane back and go AWOL. He also tell the truth to Leslie. Owen decide to do something and recapture the stolen stuffs from Danny. Nate is surprise everything is back at home. Finally the parents are call in to the school and Alex continue to act guilty innocent. The parents all believe Alex and even invite him to dinner. Owen finally win $500 from the lucky scratch. Nate decide to approach Valerie and the bullies disturb them. Alex taunt Nate and he can't do anything. Then he decide to fight back and Alex challenge him to his house to fight. David call it quits and leave only Troy to support Nate. They learn how to fight through games and movies. Arriving at Alex home, they strike first but Alex is only out for a short while. The fight move out to the lawn. Owen go to Nate house to return the silver platter and read the letter he wrote for his mum in case he is dead. David suddenly appears wearing the same shirt as the duo and attack Alex. Troy bear hug Josh. Alex got punch by Nate few times. Josh bluff to Troy he can't breathe and punch him back after loosen. Owen appears and try to talk sense to Alex. He can't beat him as he is a minor. A teen says he is 18 years old and Owen kick his ass down. The police arrive and Owen run away. Alex throw a samurai sword at them and Owen catch it but his pinky is cut. The police nab Alex and Owen. Valerie thank Nate and give him a kiss. The boys get cheers from many. Owen is in jail for 3 weeks. Alex is ship back to HK. Leslie still accept him. Owen work as nurse in school and he attend to a boy who got punch. He want the boy to tell him who is the bully..

Peter P (es) wrote: Good performance from Clint in this quirky movie about a traveling wild west show that just keeps running into one bad situation after another, while Bronco Billy runs damage control. Its far from Clint's best work, it is worth seeing if you are a fan.

Lucas M (gb) wrote: A shocking, brutal and jaw dropping portrait of Australia, insanity, social horror and the battles of human soul. Fresh.

Paul M (au) wrote: After I'd watched this I thought to myself: "that was one of the best Zartoichi's I'd seen to date". I don't know why, but I tend to think that after every new Zatoichi film... I can't fault this series. The Zatoichi films are so interesting to watch...

Louis T (jp) wrote: Jean Gabin & Ida Lupino gave a wonderful performance. Don't miss it.

Pablo M (nl) wrote: I love how this film combines optimism with realism. The non-profit world is portrayed just as humanly as the political world and big business. There are no real good guys or bad guys, just people doing their things and sometimes - when they show their better sides - make a big miracle happen together :)