2 October

2 October


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2 October torrent reviews

Pha T (mx) wrote: The pacing can be slow, especially in the last 30 minutes, and some scenes drag. The action scenes are choreographed nicely, even if they seem to rely on the slow-mo-fast-forward editing method a little much. The story is better and much more interesting than the previous Painted Skin. The CGI is passable, but the movie relies too heavily on it for my liking. The acting by the women is superb and makes up for most of the movie's flaws. All in all, a great movie if you're a fan of the first Painted Skin.

Jack S (es) wrote: Pretty solid war movie about elite British commandos in Norway during WW2. Has enough substance but doesn't quite sustain its very promising first half.

Mateus Z (ca) wrote: This film is the one of the best film science fiction I ever watch. The best, in this film is story. I reccomend this film.

Vickie T (de) wrote: Have seen it again and again. Has to be the best movie I've ever seen. So emotional. Great performances by Jessica Lange and Halle Berry.

Gena D (us) wrote: I think I have figured out why I don't like the series... they were just short useless segments that were supposed to go together to create a storyline. Sure there is a problem and a solution but there were a lot of useless dry joke scenes. And did I miss a beat, how the heck did a criminal from the previous movie end up Cadet Zed in the next one?! I think I missed something or else it was just never explained and we were supposed to accept it!

Mike M (ru) wrote: Too bland. If you're looking for John Waters-type envelope pushing, you're looking in the wrong place. This is just a standard Western comedy along the lines of "Three Amigos", though not as funny.

Peter K (jp) wrote: Not as good as "My Favourite Blonde" -- so naturally this one's available on DVD and that one isn't...

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: Laurel and Hardy are great...this movie, however, is not.

Brendan S (ca) wrote: Looks great, now don't disappoint.

Joseph F (br) wrote: Good film, but a bit too long. 4 stars if they would've cut out 15-20 minutes.

Ben P (ca) wrote: Very poor production.