2 States

How Chetan met his wife and the difficulties they faced in getting married due to their cultural differences.

. . . They meet at the IIM-Ahmedabad College and during the program they fall in love. A story about a romantic journey of a culturally opposite couple - Krish Malhotra and Ananya Swaminathan

2 States is a great movie of Chetan Bhagat (story), Abhishek Varman (screenplay), Hussain Dalal (dialogue). This movie was introduced in 2014. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amrita Singh, Revathy, Ronit Roy, Shivkumar Subramaniam, Achint Kaur, Aru Krishansh Verma. There are many categories, such as Romance. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.9 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Aj V (de)

I liked this movie. An interesting story, and great performance from Kirk. He wants to play jazz, and he struggles through life and his alcoholism and bad love life. Kirk Douglas plays a young man with a horn, a trumpet that is

Andrey B (it)

It's nice to see Debbie Harry in the role of a BDSM obsessed radio star. Idiosyncratic David Cronenberg movie on the influence of the modern media and TV in particularly on people

Benito R (nl)

The unseen narrator is what really brings the film together, and makes it enjoyable. Although this may be one of the most depressing films made in a while. It has elements of drama, sci-fi, and romance, but doesn't fully capture any one genre. The film focuses on the plot and what's going on in the world rather than a single character

Charles M (de)

also i found the whos, whats and whens difficult to follow all the time, but i'm coping with partial brain damage. didn't hate it, but found it disappointing considering joan didion's involvement

Darren P (nl)

A fantastic performance and a great movie

Donald W (ru)

The youngest woman also was the girl friend of the ship's Captain and she also falls in love with the Captain of the first ship who was being accused of murder by the second Captain. Before they discovered the monster the men set around a table eating while the women served them food and coffee. Both seemed to be the ship cooks and waitresses. The other is a nurse. One seemed to be the ship doctor and the wife of one of the crew. Two members of the crew were women. Lot of the movie has no dialog just the actors looking for the monster and being scared. Just as in the Alien movie they kill the monster by putting on their space suits and opening an air lock letting out all the air out of the ship. Even with all this firepower they can't kill the monster. Amazingly on a trip to Mars they brought pistols, a rifle, grenades, gas bombs, and a bazooka. The crew has to barricade themselves in the top of the ship. The ship has several stories. After the ship takes off the monster kills one of the rescue ship crew. It was the Monster that had killed the first crew. A Mars Monster sneaks aboard the spaceship. Back on Mars the rescue ship is getting ready to lift off when one of the crew leaves the air lock hatch open while dumping trash. Then all the reporters jumped up and ran out of the room. When does anyone in Washington have a news conference in their office? The news was that the commander of the first ship to Mars had murdered his entire crew after crash landing. official's office. C. The movie starts with a news conference in a Washington D. The writers actually thought that we would send not one but two ships to Mars in 1973. It was made in 1958. This movie was ripped off by the Alien movie

Jack N (mx)

it's simply not perfect but it's an entertaining flick that tells a great story

Jonathan K (br)

Recently watched it and realized how awful the movie really is. I know I only like this because I watched it a ton as a kid

Lee M (us)

Byatt's novella Morpho Eugenia sounds like, it's better and certainly kinkier than your best parlor-game guess. S. No matter what you think this adaptation of A

Louise B (mx)

love Boston!. It was a cute little story and Denis Leary and Sandra Bullock had good chemistry together. I was really surprised that I actually enjoyed it. I couldn't sleep one night and this was on TV