2 steg från Håkan

2 steg från Håkan

A documentary on Håkan Hellström, one of Sweden's leading musicians of the past 10 years. The film examines media hysteria, celebrity culture, and the desire of both artists and fans to be noticed.

A documentary on Håkan Hellström, one of Sweden's leading musicians of the past 10 years. The film examines media hysteria, celebrity culture, and the desire of both artists and fans to be noticed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandhu S (ag) wrote: A very touching,moving & informative true story about the ultimate human sacrifice made in the name of God. A must watch for all Sikhs but also recommend any others.

Walter M (ru) wrote: In "My Piece of the Pie," everything is coming up roses for Stephane(Gilles Lellouche), an investment banker, as he is promised a huge promotion in the future. That's not to mention his making time with Tessa(Marine Vacth), a beautiful supermodel. By comparison, his new maid, France(Karin Viard), had been laid off from work in Dunkirk, suffered a nervous breakdown, attempted suicide, failed at running a free day care center before moving to Paris, leaving her three kids behind in the care of relatives. There are some neat things about "My Piece of the Pie" like its attempt to say something meaningful about class and the informative lecture about buying and selling stocks. Otherwise, the movie has no idea what it really wants to be, as it is all over the map, both geographically and story wise. For example, the sequence in Venice is supposed to establish Stephane's lack of commitment but instead comes off as something much creepier. There is also a dance number set to "Pretty Woman," with all of the implications that the song now carries.(On the other hand, bonus points for the Serge Gainsbourg song.) And while the ending is meant to be celebratory in a corny sort of way, it is to be honest quite frightening.

Thomas S (au) wrote: I saw this at Gothenburg's Int'l Film Festival, and I just loved it! :D I just ordered it from Amazon. Shame that it never hit the movie theatres! :(

Sylvester K (mx) wrote: One of the worst films ever, given that it was an independent production, it was still so terrible. What's worse is that the film deals with a really morbid subject as well as a morbid plot. The gratuitous use of holocaust images was extremely rage inducing.

Ruben J (nl) wrote: Me parecio una pelicula interesante, con muchos punto de vista y muy realista, la necesidad del ser humano de sentirse acogido y protegido queda patente. Otra de las cosas que me sorprendio gratamente es lo bien que nos traslada la emocion de uno de los personajes principales en torno al que gira la trama sin necesidad de hacerla aparecer en la pelicula ni siquiera en una imagen, como los sueos realizados y la felicidad de ese personaje invade de deseos de alcanzar ese mismo sueo a los personajes principales del film, la libertad.

Birdie S (kr) wrote: The movie is set in the future where a group of kids live in a orphanage with no knowledge of the outside world. Water is scarce and a totalitarian government is in control of the water supply. A ruthless police force keeps everyone in line. The movie was very exciting with good special effects for the time period (1980s). I also fell in love with the fascinating orb, Bodhi.

Ryan R (nl) wrote: Clue is barely a movie. It's a ridiculous adaptation of the board game. It doesn't know if it should be funny or serious. Heck the movie doesn't even know how it's suppose to end because the narrative is so thin and so ridiculous that they give you three gimmicky alternative outcomes. Characters are mostly annoying with some rare standout performances. The film is mostly a dull experience, and should be avoided. Play the game instead.

Paul N (us) wrote: Saw this when I was about 6 or 7, in a drive-in double bill with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

Matthew L (fr) wrote: Some thoroughly impressive visuals of drag racing give you a real glimpse into the power of these machines, some thoroughly unimpressive drama gives you a glimpse into cheap tough guy soap opera. Barely a Cronenberg moment to be seen.

Richard C (it) wrote: Susan George plays the titular Marianne, a young woman who holds the combination number of her late mother's bank account, the contents of which are sought after by her father and half-sister. However, when Marianne isn't forthcoming with the information they decide to get hold of it any way they can. After making a series of rather woeful British sex "comedies", Pete Walker entered into the horror genre and gained notoriety throughout the 1970s for his often religious themed schockers. Whilst this particular title isn't as gory or sleazy as his later films, it's an accessible one nonetheless. However, the uneven pacing and lack of any significant action makes this a difficult sell to those who enjoy a good thriller but for die-hard fans of Ms George's this proves an ideal showcase for her "girl-next-door" charms. Not the best Walker film by a long shot but if you start here and work forward you'll probably gain a better appreciation for a former stalwart of British horror. Worth a rent at least.

Lanfranco C (ca) wrote: Great classic Western!

Paul S (ca) wrote: The IMAX experience is fully exploited. A really tense movie.