20 Funerals

20 Funerals

After a fellow Officer's funeral, 4 Cops decide that the only way to get rid of the criminal element is to stop arresting the criminals, and start burying them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
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After a fellow Officer's funeral, 4 Cops decide that the only way to get rid of the criminal element is to stop arresting the criminals, and start burying them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


20 Funerals torrent reviews

Darren P (nl) wrote: It's not punishment if you have to see it, but if you find a buried treasure map to it's secret location - i wouldn't dig it out.

Michael W (jp) wrote: Seagal back in action as ex-Special Ops seeking vengeance for his cop son's murder in a seeming random drive-by shooting. Director sets a new high with exaggerated blood spatter and a high body count, to a point it becomes stale.

bill b (ru) wrote: nice multicharacter film

Daniel S (us) wrote: With this, Ive completed the todd solondz filmography, this one is definitely his most unique, and from what i gather his most personal, it also differs the most from his other films, its got a lot of his usual trademarks (awkward humor, jews) but here he employs the tactic of having like 10 girls play the same character, theres no real purpose like with im not there, since its all the same story, so idk what it really represented, also the tone of this gets quite dark and dramatic at times, moreso than usual, dealing with abortion, pedophilia, disabilities and other problems, it shows the faults of christian groups but also shows the good they can do, it shows both sides of the abortion issue, with all this going on, i felt it never really found a coherent consistent voice, but i did find it very watchable, always wanting to know where it would go next, just go in with an open mind i guess

Gabriel L (es) wrote: I simply beleive that anyone who didn't find this film exellent has serious

Quinto W (ru) wrote: It's a very thin line between wanting to turn this movie off and laughing histerically-- I fall under the latter category, which I'm not sure how exactly it makes me feel. The characters are strange and annoying (I wanted to kick that hitchhiker in the face), yet completely fascinating.

Heather M (br) wrote: Perry and Hurley were a weird pairing for this movie, but it worked somehow with this story.

Monique M (br) wrote: The worst movie I've ever seen. I couldn't finish it, it was sooooo bad.

Matthew H (jp) wrote: Another 48 Hrs. proves one thing about movies: If the first movie isn't good, then the sequel will not be good either! In fact, this movie was a great big jumble of violence, prison dues, ill-fated revenge, and hookers.

Allan C (ag) wrote: A follow-up to the classic "Charade" features the same director, Stanley Donen, same writer and same composer, Henry Mancini. However, this breezy tale of espionage is minus the great Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Instead, we have Gregory Peck, who's good but not as good at comic moments and is rather stiff, and Sophia Loren as the female lead, who I've never been that much of a fan of, though I know fans consider her to be at her most beautiful in this film, though that's lost on me. Still, this film is quite entertaining, fast paced and filled with nice little action and suspense set pieces.

Graham M (jp) wrote: There are shades of Die Hard, Speed and Reservoir Dogs all here and it remains a greatly watchable action thriller despite its age.

Priyadarshini P (mx) wrote: Liked Sabrina better...

Zoe H (ru) wrote: Freaking gag me in technicolor.

Steve M (es) wrote: Extremely brutal for the time. A must see prison flick.