20 Million Miles to Earth

20 Million Miles to Earth

When the first manned flight to Venus returns to Earth, the rocket crash-lands in the Mediterranean near a small Italian fishing village. The locals manage to save one of the astronauts Colonel Calder, the mission commander. A young boy also recovers what turns out to be a specimen of an alien creature. Growing at a fantastic rate, it manages to escape and eventually threatens the city of Rome.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   moon,   space,  

The first U.S. spaceship to Venus crash-lands off the coast of Sicily on its return trip. A dangerous, lizard-like creature comes with it and quickly grows gigantic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara S (fr) wrote: he's got the gift. this drama draws you right in.

IOnell S (us) wrote: Esperaba que fuera mas tonta pero no lo fue, tampoco me causo risas que era lo que buscaba. Se quedo en una mas del monton.

Darren L (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this French kickboxer film about a fighter that loses his in life, only to be given a second chance..........but at a price.

angel p (mx) wrote: this was a great movie

Charles C (ag) wrote: Ever seen Horror Of Party Beach? No? Well watch that instead of this, cuz it's pretty much the same thing, only with slow moving, stupid slugs that you would have to TRY to get killed by. The main difference: Horror Of Party Beach had music and dancing, while Slugs has.....uh....two shots of nekkid people. That's it. I hope you like the dramatic musical score, because they use the same part every time, even when people are slowly parking. Aside from a few really good special affects, theres really nothing at all special here.

Shane D (au) wrote: What an amazingly piss poor effort. Sure, it's over 25 years old, but the acting performances put in by Roberts and especially Voight are astonishingly laughable. Even the bit players register some moments of sheer over-acting brilliance. How this has such a high rating on RT is beyond me.

Tony O (de) wrote: really lovely, i love jessica lange - she's so zany and full of life here as patsy cline, and really commits to the lip-synching. so nice to see john goodman too, and ann wedgeworth is great as patsy's mom.

addiena i (kr) wrote: Intriguing mystery to follow. Interesting yet an excellent noir. --spoiler alert--I could think of better endings for the twists. At that time probably the ending is the fittest. Am very much satisfied for that.

Hector H (br) wrote: I generally don't go for this type of movie but Bette Davis' performance is absolutely captivating. As a result, I see it quite often.

Kristi M (de) wrote: It comes full circle to explain the beginning at the end as a closure...kind of reminds me of those country songs who use the same song lyrics at the beginning and the end so you know the song is over. I happen to find that irritating. The way that the movie jumped around in a non linear way did keep my attention if for no other reason other to explain some of the bizarre things that Tom does- like going into a catatonic state every time he sees a lobster. Gotta hang around to figure that one out. Considering the emotional subject of this movie I should not have cared more about finding out what was up with the lobster than about what happened to the people in the story. After I watched it I was left wondering what the title meant and did a quick search for what a Burning Man is and found that it actually is a very fitting title. I wanted to like it more but just couldn't. If it was more linear then I feel like I probably would have been able to connect with the characters and care about them more.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Makes a fine addition to my collection.

Jacob B (it) wrote: It can't help but lose some of the classic source material's charm as a result of being translated to the big screen and adding multiple things here and there not seen in the book for cinematic purposes. Fortunately, the film manages to rise on the strength of the gleefully over-the-top Jim Carrey in the role of the titular character. The film may not be a holiday classic but it's still a guilty pleasure worth revisiting every once in a while.

Jason K (jp) wrote: It says alot about a movie, script, dp, director, and actors when you get through a entire film that your not really a fan of the environment (backwoods) and you think "good job team"/ followed by "Lauren Ashley Carter- no words needed= awesome"

Matthew C (br) wrote: This movie is about a man who believes he is right in a city of wrong. He thinks that everyone else is immoral, or wrong. He believes that kids should be in school, and has lost such attachment to reality that he enters adult theaters just for fun. He wants to save people. But who is he?He is Travis Bickle, and he is the center of an intense character study. Don't come looking for an intense action thriller-come for an intelligent look into a crumbling mind, one which thinks it is the moral authority, fantasizing of being a savior through murder. Only an insane person could think this way, and Travis is, no doubt, insane. But why? Because his environment, a crime riddled New York, made him this way. After coming back from a tour of duty, to a "filthy" New York, no wonder he had serious issues. Practicing over and over how to kill people, how to kill a politician, how to kill pimps. But in the end, it all comes to naught, as seen in the ending. Nothing can prepare him for what awaits in the hotel.The acting is some of the best. Just, best ever. Robert de Niro gives a phenomenal portrayal of a man who's falling apart, and regardless of the bad things he plans to do, he earns an amazing amount of sympathy with his little tics and overall good ideals. The cinematography is vibrant and beautiful, with colors popping out and staying on shots just long enough to keep attention. Some shots would drag in other, less capable films, but Martin Scorsese and Michael Chapman know when and when not to cut a shot. The sound design is eerily off-putting, with unexpected jazz throughout making the film feel like it's going one direction, then veering off in another. The music during the hotel shootout is just perfect. And finally, the writing is AMAZING. Never before have I seen such seemingly cliche dialogue been made so organic and flowing by talented actors and actresses.I entered this movie the wrong way. I was expecting an action thriller, but that's not the point. The point is to sympathize with a morally middling person who might shift from good to bad very quickly, and maybe even understand them. The closest comparison I can make is Drive, a film about a man who wants to change his life, sees an opportunity, and is nearly killed-but(debatably) lives. The simularities are loose enough to not ruin either film, but close enough to appreciate them. I don't understand the ending, and I don't want to just look it up. I want to decipher it, until I can truly understand the real genius of Taxi Driver.