200 Pounds Beauty

200 Pounds Beauty

Based on a Japanese manga, "Kanna-San, Daiseikou Desu," this story revolves around Kang Han-na (Kim Ah-jung), an overweight phone sex employee and secret vocalist for Ammy, a famous Korean pop singer who actually lip syncs as she cannot sing. After getting humilitated publicly by an ungrateful Ammy, Han-na undergoes an extreme makeover to become a pop sensation herself.

Han-na, an overweight woman with a beautiful voice, provides the real vocals for a pretty pop star who can';;t carry a tune. She suffers from having extremely poor self-esteem, as she has been ignored because of her appearance. After a humiliating encounter, Han-na undergoes head-to-toe plastic surgery and reemerges a year later as svelte singer Jenny... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron C (de) wrote: Gets a full star extra because I got to look at Gal Gadot. As a comedy, it was super unfunny.

Ken S (jp) wrote: Entertaining at times, but I wouldn't say it was the most entertaining B-horror movie I have ever seen. The gore effects and the transformation all look great...practical effects always help, and there are some genuinely fun moments...it just doesn't fully land the whole time. Horror and gore fans will enjoy this for what it is, but it isn't terribly memorable.

Brett E (ru) wrote: Light, fun summer entertainment with an edge because it's a Woody Allen movie. All of the characters are uber intelligent (obviously) and they all have their quirks & flaws. This was the best Scarlett Johansson has ever been, and Rebecca Hall who played Vicky stole the whole movie. Top notch acting, an engaging script, and smooth pacing made this one of the best summer movies!

Dana H (br) wrote: LOVE Shawn Yue and Donnie Yen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok i also like Nicholas Tse. they are all really good actors.

Matt G (de) wrote: Bowfinger offers bountiful laughs at the expense of ALL levels of Hollywood and filmmaking, from the delusional and aspiring to the disillusioned and entitled. At both times smartly pointed and hilariously ridiculous, it's filled with colorful characters...Murphy specifically shines, with both of his characters feeling unique and distinct. Loads of satirical fun.

Alex S (ca) wrote: Beautiful film with beautiful music.

Kevin S (br) wrote: Director Stephen Frears gives us a chilling and frightening twist in the classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde through the eyes of their devoted maid Mary Reilly. Mary gets attracted to both men and must confront her desires to survive the cruel and evil Mr. Hyde. I Have always liked the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and consider it a classic that has always interested me and I thought this twist made it more interesting. With great performances from both Julia Roberts and John Malkavich they bring the classic story to life with chilling and frightening results. Anybody who loved the classic story and the creepiness behind it will defiantly enjoy this movie.

Jack G (jp) wrote: this was one of the real notorious "Harvey Weinstein fucked with my original version" movies from Miramax back in the day. Apparently Bertolucci hates Weinstein because of it. Then again, how great can a movie be with Keanu Reeves as a Siddhartha?Well... it's not great (that was my previous review of what I thought of the movie waaay back in the day). But it's MUCH better than I expected, and is very good *despite* what Weinstein did to the cut, which does appear from seeing the film to have been cut by a good few minutes - maybe for the better, I don't know. All I know is Reeves, who shouldn't have any place in this film, gives an astonishingly good performance all things considered, and Bertolucci and writer Rudy Wurlitzer (of Two-Lane Blacktop!) are very thoughtful about the nature of Buddhism and what the Siddhartha means today. And of course Vittorio Storaro is the man, and this along with Bulworth is one of his late masterpieces of camera-work. Not one of Bertolucci's best, of course, and the kids can be a bit mawkish and eh. But for what it is, I was absorbed.

James L (de) wrote: Like death wish on steroids.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Absolutely amazing film. One of my favourites.

richshane38 (ag) wrote: Rock Hudson .... so handsome....

Wesley J (jp) wrote: Ed Wood's best film by far. This ties Plan 9 and Bride together in a way only Ed Wood's genius could give us. The most fun you will have with Ed Wood and the gang (unfortunately no Bela)

Brandon W (br) wrote: I've never seen Tom Hanks as a bank robbing killer before but I liked him as one. He's probably my favourite actor next to Tom Cruise and he does fantastic work here. This is a well-made movie. The acting all around is high-calibur, the cinematography is extremely well done with the smooth pans and lighting and the story is very tight and intriguing. I don't wanna say too much about this film because it's best to go into without knowing much. All I can say is that Sam Mendes made a great film with a great cast and crew.

Nikolai H (kr) wrote: Fairly enjoyable with a nice set-up, but ultimately poorly developed and disappointing. I knew how it was going to end halfway through, and they didn't build up the atmosphere well enough to sell the ending. There was an intriguing dash of psychological horror that could have saved it if they'd expanded upon it. I did at least enjoy the sympathetic lead and Hopkins' performance. But I nearly fell asleep (quite literally) halfway through the final exorcism, which speaks volumes about the level of excitement and suspense in this film's "climax."

Marlon M (gb) wrote: Not for the easily bored since -it's based on a play- the whole thing takes place in a single room. Then again it's Tommy lee jones and Sam Jackson playing two characters who have very different set of beliefs having an amazing philosophical conversation.