2001 Maniacs

2001 Maniacs

On their way to Spring Break, college kids take a detour through an old Southern town. The people of Pleasant Valley insist the kids stay for their annual barbecue celebration... but instead of getting a taste of the old South, the old South gets a taste of them!

Eight college students traveling to Florida for Spring Break stumble into a remote town in Georgia where they are set upon by the residents who are out to avenge their deaths by Union troops over 100 years earlier during the Civil War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (jp) wrote: A film about an assassination conspiracy based on real life events is guaranteed to have a terrible ending, but this one was brutal to watch. The cast was stunning and kept you hooked the whole way to the bitter end. The tragic deaths of the conspirators is softened by the knowledge that their objective was met before the end.

Weng S (jp) wrote: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ?????????"??????????????????????????????"

Dawn T (gb) wrote: While I find the acting amateurish and the story predictable, but the message is touching and heart changing. Our attitude and our heart felt differently before and after the movie. Grace is beautiful, its not because we deserve... its only by grace. Thank you God. Inspirational... need tissue.

B K (nl) wrote: I thought this movie was good. Bourne was crap why compare it. Very Entertaining

Jason M (kr) wrote: I saw this film in the Azores, Portugal of all places. It came out after the Columbine tragedy and I think it is disgusting that this film tries to somehow capitalize and evoke empathy from a serious real-life tragedy.There is little dialogue in this film. As such, it is very realistic and believable. Simply, the visual story of a couple of outcasts who organize a mass slaughter at their high school. They are spiritually devoid human beings and are presented as everyday kids. They are able to arm themselves enough to wipe out much of the student population. The title means nothing. This film means nothing. I hope it is not viewed by children who learn from it to carry out a copycat catastrophe. Some losers may look at this film and find it intriguing to emulate. If this is ever acted upon, the filmmaker Gus Van Sant should be jailed for life. Shame on him for this production. This piece of trash should never have been released in wide distribution.

Curtis P (br) wrote: As always with D.M., it's the dialogue. But if you don't have timing with the dialogue, you have nothing. This would have fallen flat without these great actors. My hat is off to both Franz and Hoffman. (May be my second favorite Dustin Hoffman performance EVER. They were right on, in league with the caliber of the usual Mamet company of Montanga, Macy and Jay.

matheus c (au) wrote: Confusing flick in a sense they don't tell you where the story is set and that all the actors are american playing latin characters. But despite that I thought it was very solid and good movie. I love Glenn Close performance in this.

James R (gb) wrote: A lost gem that I'm glad i actually watched in class today. Everyone who knows me knows that I am such a sucker for dramas and Waterland is no exception. This movie tells the tale of a high school teacher in 1974 that tells his history class the story of his past which represents why storytelling and history is still relevant today. Tom Crick is the name of the professor and he not only can't get his students involved, but his wife is slowly slipping away and is becoming a danger to others. The film is beautifully shot and the story is so so touching. I really enjoyed this movie, but it still does have some flaws. The scenes of the teacher telling his story and out of nowhere his class is there with him and interacting with people from the past was a little far fetched and took away from the tone of the film. Ethan Hawke's character Matthew Price seemed to kind of befriend the teacher too easily when he was being such a bad ass in the beginning as well it woulda been nice to see the character development happen a bit stronger there. Overall, i highly recommend checking this out still if your a drama fan!

Ryan W (ru) wrote: The wonderful thing about Batman Returns is of course Keaton's wonderful return but even more so Michelle Pfiefer's performance as Catwoman. The thing that this film misses from the first one however, is that the humour has been replaced with Tim Burton's dark complete creative control which he was not granted in the first film. Danny Divito had potential as the Penguin, however Burton made him a little too gruesome, so much that this version of the Penguin could have been in a horror film. However, maybe it's somewhat part of this movies charm to have more horrific Batman film, and although I do love the ghoulish presence this film takes, I still can't get passed how nauseating the Penguin was which wasn't really Divitos fault, but more of a writing and costume problem. Could have used a little more comic relief like the first one also.

Todd S (ru) wrote: Taylor Lautner may always be remembered as Jacob, the annoying werewolf boy from the Twilight Series. People have a hard time seeing him as anything else, but Tracers is the second action film I've seen him star in, and this kid has the perfect make up to be a huge action star. Lautner is more than just another good looking actor, as he can speak several languages, is a martial arts expert, and an avid parkourer, all skills he uses in his latest film, Tracers. Lautner plays Cam, a down on his luck bike messenger, who comes to befriend a group of parkour enthusiasts. What they do fascinates Cam and he wants to join them, but when he does, he realizes that they aren't just clowning around, they use their skills to commit crime, and once he's in, Cam has no way out. Original action films are hard to come by, as most people are satisfied with all the special effects and dead bodies. It's a genre that really doesn't call for originality, that's why when you come across a film like this, it's a breath of fresh air. The stunts and moves you see in this film are nothing short of magic, and it's star Taylor Lautner did them all himself. We are so used to seeing Lautner as the sensitive love interest in some romanticized film, that it's hard to even imagine him as an action star, but that changes 10 minutes into this film. It's the stunts, the attitude, his characters whole personality, that makes his a unique a-typical action star, and it is really something to see. On the surface, Tracers may be nothing more than another story about a group of burglars, but what they can do is extraordinary, and was really fun to watch. This film is original, fast paced, and brings to light a new action star, who isn't in his sixties or the WWE. It may not have all the bodies and explosions normally associated with this type of film, but as I said, It was a lot of fun to watch.