2001: The Making of a Myth

2001: The Making of a Myth

The Impact 2001: A Space Odyssey has had on Society and Cinema.

The Impact 2001: A Space Odyssey has had on Society and Cinema. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily R (fr) wrote: A very interesting movie that explores the horror of the psyche of a deteriorating man. Through the film it is never clear whether the monster is in the forest, or in the mind of the man A very enjoyable film to leave the viewer clinging on till the end and constantly questioning the mental state of the protagonist, thus: the legitimacy of his story

Steve D (es) wrote: These need to stop. Sadly they wont. this one was not bad but most of the new ones are not good at all. they all pale to the first

Nicolai P (br) wrote: I do not understand the plot, but I do like that it is not afraid of the taboo of killing many small children in horrific ways - you almost never see that in a horror film! But stop! Then again.. Is this really a horror film or a drama with horror elements? After the end credits started rolling over my television I came to the conclusion, that it was a drama with horror elements and not a horror film. You must be aware of that before, if you have any expectations of watching a new Asian horror film in the style of "Dark Water" and "The Ring" - you will be disappointed. The main character's biggest problem is some traumatizing events in his childhood, that he has forgot and now he is forced to face the truth about his own past and yatayatayata... I was actually bored with this film, but I do like the horror elements which are well-made and clearly where this film's strongholds are - the horror elements. Watch it you want to watch a drama film with some horror elements and some psyched out story of a young man in and his unknown past.

ea m (mx) wrote: i loved this movie but Elizabeth and Chase should have ended up together

Jessi O (it) wrote: This re-enforced my dislike of British humor. I love Jeff Goldblum, and Mr. Bean too, but this movie was not funny to me. Plus, it contains possibly the most disturbing sex scene I've ever seen.

Allan C (es) wrote: Beware! Giant mutant rabbits are on the loose! This ridiculous film features is surprisingly respectable cast slumming it past their prime (Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, Paul Fix), including DeForest Kelley in his final film that wasn't a Star Trek film. It's really an awful film but one that can be enjoyed ironically. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more, rabbits jumping in slow motion on miniature sets or the actor and a rabbit cost gym attacking innocent victims.

Matthew M (ca) wrote: It's not very often that I feel compelled to write a review for a film immediately after seeing it for the first time, so that really speaks for how powerful and effective Rififi really is. After nearly 60 years, Rififi doesn't feel like it's aged a day (other than the fact that security systems are a great deal more complicated now). The cast here is perfect, led by the incredibly charismatic (and Humphrey Bogart-esque in some way) Jean Servais. The was my first exposure to the works of Jules Dassin (Best Director winner at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival), and this film really shows just how incredible a director he was. The actual heist scene that the film is centered around might be the most tense scene ever captured on film. I found myself literally holding my breath at times. The use of sound (or lack thereof) during that scene was particularly effective, adding a great deal to the atmosphere and lets the audience know that one wrong move could spell the end for these four men. Rififi is a film that I feel every fan of films should see at some point during their lives. It's an excruciatingly tense, perfectly paced crime film, and one I'll be revisiting over and over for the rest of my life. 9.5/10

Kevin S (de) wrote: Vintage Errol Flynn with great supporting performances from MacMurray and Smith.

Cooper H (de) wrote: Angelina Jolie's beauty aside, the movie itself is not very good. It does little to make you care about anything happening on screen and constantly contains silly set pieces.

Jason S (mx) wrote: This literally rivals the best western's ever made. If you ever get the opportunity to see it, please do. You will not regret it!